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C-8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

So far this year, the committee has received 214 cases, approximately the same as last year's caseload of 216. We have reached decisions in 174 cases, and 40 are still pending.

We have attempted this year to recreate the very efficient Web based system created by last year's chair, Egidio Leitao, but we have been stymied by a lack of support from the administration, including both the Parking & Traffic Office and the University Team Web group. I did not want to create a Web site on a local, philosophy Web server, for two reasons: (1) the committee Web site should have a permanent home so that each year's chair does not have to start again from scratch, and, even more importantly, (2) I had no way to restrict access to the site to committee members (using UTEIDs). Since we would post letters and other personal communications from the appellants on the site in order to make these available to committee members, it is essential that the Web site be made secure and inaccessible to the general public.

I have tried to use email as a substitute for the Web site, but this was unsuccessful, since the PDF files containing the case materials are too large to be accepted as an attachment by the University's mailbox system. Consequently, we have had to rely entirely on photo-duplication and snail mail. This has proven to be very inefficient. Many appellants have been forced to wait for an inexcusably long period of time. As chair, I have been forced repeatedly to contact committee members to remind them of their responsibilities and to encourage them to respond in a timely manner. I must say that this has been especially true of the panel's student members, who, with two or three exceptions, have simply failed to carry out their duties as committee members. I believe that shifting to a permanent, Web based system would make the process so much easier for committee members as to increase dramatically the participation rate by student members, and thereby lighten considerable the burdens of the chair's job.

I have received verbal commitments from Paul Muscato at Parking and Traffic and from David Cook of Team Web to work together in putting up at least a bare-bones Web site for the committee this summer. I hope to have such a site up and running, without bugs, in time for next year's committee.

Robert C. Koons, chair

This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, on August 20, 2003. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.