A-2 Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets

Chair: Marvin L. Hackert

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FUNCTION: The committee will serve in an advisery capacity to the president and provost. The committee will review University budgets and make appropriate recommendations.

COMPOSITION: Each year the president shall nominate five faculty members, and the Faculty Council shall nominate five faculty members, and each shall select two new members from the other's nominations to serve three-year terms. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two General Faculty members of the Faculty Council, one of whom shall be elected by the voting members of the Faculty Council, for one-year terms as members of the committee. Every third year the president shall also select a new chair of the committee, who shall be a member of the General Faculty, from the Faculty Council's nominations, and the committee shall elect its vice chair, who shall be a member of the General Faculty.

Members, 2002-2003:

  Carpenter, Linda J. 2000-2003 Assistant Dean, Nursing
  Davis, Patrick J. 2002-2005 Professor, Pharmacy
  Dawson, Clinton N. 2002-2004 Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  DiNitto, Diana J. 2001-2004 Professor, Social Work
  Hackert, Marvin L. 2001-2004 Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Hamermesh, Daniel S. 2000-2003 Professor, Economics
  Kachelmeier, Steven J. 2002-2005 Professor, Accounting
  Kinney, Kerry A. 2000-2003 Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
  Palka, Bruce P. 2002-2005 Professor, Mathematics


Reichl, Linda E. 2000-2003 Professor, Physics
  Stolp, Chandler W. 2001-2004 Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
  Sutherland-Meier, Madeline 2002-2005 Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  Torres, Gerald 2002-2005 Professor, Law

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Béhague, Gerard H. 2002-2003 Professor, Music
  Neikirk, Dean P. 2002-2003 Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering