Chair: Richard R. Flores

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In spring 2001, the Faculty Council approved legislation to create a new committee to review proposed changes in The Undergraduate Catalog. The responsibilities for this new committee, as detailed in the legislation, are as follows:

The Committee on Undergraduate Degree Program Review receives all proposed degree plan changes at an early stage. Changes that the committee deems routine are approved perfunctorily. For other proposals, the committee can request that the relevant department and/or college make a presentation of the proposed changes and then work with the department or college to make adjustments, if appropriate. The committee considers issues of the educational quality of degrees and also looks at possible implications of degree changes on course demand and graduation rates, impact on other programs (e.g., service courses), and other such issues.

The complete legislation is posted on the Faculty Council web site along with the proposed composition of the committee (see D 1188 ).

Members, 2002-2003:

  Burson, Lise G. Assistant to the Dean, Red McCombs School of Business
  Carver, Larry D. Professor, English
  Davis, Raymond E. Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Durbin, John R.

Secretary of the General Faculty and Faculty Council, Professor, Mathematics

  Flores, Richard R. Associate Professor, Anthropology and Archeology
  Gilbert, Lucia A. Vice Provost
  Guerra, Lita A. Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts
  Hamrick, Gary C. Professor, Mathematics
  Kobler, Laura M. Assistant Registrar
  Meyer, Alvin H. Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Engineering
  Ruszkiewicz, John J. Professor, Rhetoric and Composition
  Sylvie, George Associate Professor, Journalism
  Woolley, Jacqueline D. Associate Professor, Psychology
  Guerra, C. Daniel Senate of College Councils Representative