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FC 2003-2004 Photograph Diane L. Schallert John R. Durbin Sue A. Greninger Michael H. Granof Larry R. Faulkner Marvin L. Hackert Kenneth Flamm Marian J. Barber Daniela Bini Alan W. Friedman Charles N. Friedman Raymond Bert 'Rusty' Ince, III Janet Staiger Susan S. Heinzelman Maggie Chiang Alan K. Cline Julie Hallmark Lita A. Guerra Edward W. Odell Donald W. Drumtra David J. Saltman Kamran S. Aghaie Urton L. Anderson Sheldon Ekland-Olson Lawrence D. Abraham Gwendolyn webb-Johnson James W. Vick Martin W. Kevorkian Thomas J. Garza Joshua S. Campbell Ricardo C. Ainslie Anthony J. Petrosino Susanne Hafner Jacqueline L. Angel David G. Bogard Janet M. Davis John J. Hasenbein Dean J. Almy Lynn R. Wilkinson James R. Yates David B. Spence Eric A. Renner

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1st Row:
John R. Durbin, Sue A. Greninger, Michael H. Granof, Larry R. Faulkner, Marvin L. Hackert, Kenneth Flamm, Marian J. Barber, Alan W. Friedman

2nd Row: Charles N. Friedman, Joshua S. Campbell, Raymond Bert “Rusty” Ince III, Diane L. Schallert, Ricardo C. Ainslie, Anthony J. Petrosino, Daniela Bini

3rd Row: Julie Hallmark, David G. Bogard, Alan K. Cline, Jacqueline L. Angel, Janet Staiger, Susanne Hafner, Susan S. Heinzelman

4th Row: Lita A. Guerra, Edward W. (Ted) Odell, Janet M. Davis, John J. Hasenbein, Dean J. Almy, Lawrence D. Abraham, Maggie Chiang, Lynn R. Wilkinson
5th Row: Eric A. Renner, Donald W. Drumtra, Kamran S. Aghaie, Urton L. Anderson, David B. Spence, James R. Yates

6th Row: David J. Saltman, Martin W. Kevorkian, Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson

7th Row: James W. Vick, Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Thomas J. Garza*

*Member of Committee on Student Affairs and Recruitment and Retention Committee.

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