2003-2004 Faculty Council Membership

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Elected Faculty Members with Vote (67)

Elected by the General Faculty (21)

Group I: Professors and Associate Professors (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2005)
  Ricardo C. Ainslie, Professor, Educational Psychology
Jacqueline L. Angel, Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Alan W. Friedman, Professor, English
Michael H. Granof, Professor, Accounting
Susan S. Heinzelman, Associate Professor, English
Robert D. King, Professor, Linguistics
Thomas G. Palaima, Professor, Classics
Marcus G. Pandy, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Janet Staiger, Professor, Radio-Television-Film
Paul B. Woodruff, Professor, Philosophy

Group II: Assistant Professors and Instructors (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2005)
  Dean J. Almy, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Hans C. Boas, Assistant Professor, Germanic Studies
Janet M. Davis, Assistant Professor, American Studies
Maria Franklin, Assistant Professor, Anthropology1
Wolfgang Frey, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
John J. Hasenbein, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Neville Hoad, Assistant Professor, English
Martin W. Kevorkian, Assistant Professor, English
Anthony J. Petrosino, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson, Assistant Professor, Special Education
1Replaced Maggie Chiang, assistant professor, Asian Studies, who resigned from the University in Spring 2004.

Secretary of the Faculty Council
(To serve until January 1, 2004)

  John R. Durbin, Professor, Mathematics

Secretary of the Faculty Council
(To serve until January 1, 2005)

  Sue A. Greninger , Associaate Professor, Human Ecology

Elected by the Graduate Assembly (1)
(To serve until September 1, 2004)

Chair of the Graduate Assembly:

  Peter F.Green, Professor, Chemical Engineering

Elected by the Individual Colleges and Schools (45 )
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2004)

  Representative of the School of Architecture (0)
    No representative.

  Representatives of the College of Business Administration (3)
  Urton L. Anderson, Professor, Accounting
Johnny S. Butler, Professor, Management
David B. Spence, Associate Professor, Management Science and Information Systems

  Representatives of the College of Communication (2)
  Neal M. Burns, Professor, Advertising
Sharon L. Strover, Professor, Radio-Television-Film

  Representatives of the College of Education (3)
  Lawrence D. Abraham, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction
Diane L. Schallert, Professor, Educational Psychology
James R. Yates, Professor, Special Educational

  Representatives of the College of Engineering (5)
  David G. Bogard, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Melba M. Crawford, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Carl T. Haas, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Archie L. Holmes Jr., Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dean P. Neikirk, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  Representatives of the College of Fine Arts (4)
  Lita A. Guerra, Professor, Music
Judith A. Jellison, Professor, Music
Amarante L. Lucero, Professor, Theatre and Dance
Darlene C. Wiley, Professor, Music

  Representatives of the School of Law (2)
  Michael J. Churgin, Professor, Law
Maurice M. Sharlot, Professor, Law

  Representatives of the College of Liberal Arts (12)
  Kamran S. Aghaie, Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Daniela Bini, Professor, French and Italian
Daniel A. Bonevac, Professor, Philosophy
James D. Garrison, Professor, English
Susanne Hafner,1 Assistant Professor, Germanic Studies
Michael P. Harney ,2 Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Kurt O. Heinzelman, Professor, English
Arthur B. Markman, Associate Professor, Psychology
Charles R. Rossman, Professor, English
Mark C. Smith ,3 Associate Professor, American Studies
John M. Weinstock, Professor, Germanic Language
Lynn R. Wilkinson,4 Associate Professor, Germanic Studies
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Replaced Associate Professor Ann Cvetkovich in fall 2003.
3 Will complete term of service for Associate Professor Bogoña Aretxaga (anthropology) who passed away December 28, 2002.
4 Replaced Professor Joseph Horn in spring, 2003.
5 Effective August 31, 2003, replaced Assistant Professor Mark R.V. Southern.

  Representative of the School of Information (1)
  Julie Hallmark, Professor, Library and Information Science

  Representatives of the College of Natural Sciences (9)
  Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Alan K. Cline, Professor, Computer Sciences
Charles N. Friedman, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Sue A. Greninger, Associate Professor, Human Ecology
Marvin L. Hackert, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (Faculty Council chair)
Melvin E. L. Oakes, Professor, Physics
Edward W. (Ted) Odell, Professor, Mathematics
Linda E. Reichl, Professor, Physics
David J. Saltman, Professor, Mathematics

  Representative of the School of Nursing (1)
  Sharon D. Horner, Associate Professor, Nursing

  Representative of the College of Pharmacy (1)
  Salomon A. Stavchansky, Professor, Pharmacy

  Representative of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (1)
  Kenneth Flamm, Chair, LBJ School of Public Affairs

  Representative of the School of Social Work (1)
  David W. Springer, Associate Professor, Social Work

Student Members with Vote (7)
(To serve until first meeting of Faculty Council in fall semester, 2004)

  Selected by Student Government (3)
  Brian J. Haley, Junior, Government/Asian Studies
Slyman M. Majid, Senior, Government
Eric A. Renner, Senior, Accounting (PPA)

  Selected by Senate of College Councils (2)
  Joshua S. Campbell, Sophomore, Government
Raymond "Rusty" Bert Ince III, Senior, Pstychology

  Selected by Graduate Student Assembly (2)
  Marian J. Barber, Doctoral Candidate, History
Donald W. Drumtra, Doctoral Candidate, Information Science

Administrative Members Ex Officio without Vote (32)  
Larry R. Faulkner

  Executive Vice President and Provost
Sheldon Ekland-Olson

  Senior Vice President
William S. Livingston
, Professor Emeritus, Government

  Vice Presidents (10)
  Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:
Kevin Hegarty

  Vice President for Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs
Patricia C. Ohlendorf, J.D.

  Vice President for Resource Development
Johnnie D. Ray

  Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Victoria Rodriguez

  Vice President for Community and School Relations
James L. Hill

  Vice President for Research
Juan M. Sanchez
, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  Vice President for Student Affairs
James W. Vick
, Professor, Mathematics

  Vice President for Employee and Campus Services
Patricia L. Clubb

  Vice President for Information Technology
Daniel A. Updegrove

  Vice President for Public Affairs
Donald A. Hale
6 Johnnie D. Ray accepted a position at Emory effective July 1, 2004.

  Deans of Colleges and Schools (15)
  School of Architecture:
Frederick Steiner
Architecture and Planning

College of Liberal Arts
Richard W. Lariviere
Asian Studies

  College of Business Administration
George W. Gau


School of Information
Andrew P. Dillon, Dean
Human Computer Interaction

  College of Communication
Roderick P. Hart7
Communication Studies

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Edwin Dorn
Political Science

  Division of Continuing and Extended Education
Thomas M. Hatfield

School of Nursing
Dolores Sands

  College of Education
Manuel J. Justiz
Educational Administration

College of Pharmacy
Steven W. Leslie

  College of Engineering
Ben G. Streetman

Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Natural Sciences
Mary Ann Rankin

  College of Fine Arts
Robert Freeman

School of Social Work
Barbara W. White

Social Work

  School of Law
William C. Powers
7 Roderick P. Hart, interim dean, replaced Ellen A. Wartella who resigned from the University effective July 1, 2004.

  Other Administrative Members (4)8
  Vice Provost of General Libraries
Fred M. Heath

  Dean of Students
Teresa Graham Brett

  Director of Admissions
Bruce Walker

Theodore E. Pfeifer

8Changed December 8, 2003.

  Staff Representatives without Vote (2)
Selected by Staff Association
(To serve through April 2004)
  Glen M.Worley
Manager, Library Services
The General Librarires

Philip L. Dubov
Manager, Computer Services
The College of Liberal Arts