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2003-2004 General Faculty and Faculty Council Reports

Secretary's Reports

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Other Reports

  • Tuition Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) Recommendations (D 2717-2728).
  • Resolution in Support of TPAC Recommendations (D 2729).
  • The Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA), A Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform (D 2753-2760).
  • Resolution Endorsing the Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform (D 2791).
  • Address on the State of the University, October 7, 2003 (D 2797-2803).
  • Report Concerning the Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) (D 2821-2823).
  • Educational Policy Committee Proposal on the Legislative Requirement (D 2826).
  • Educational Policy Committee Report on Best Practices for Returning Graded Papers (D 2827).
  • Educational Policy Committee Interim Report on Honors Criteria at The University of Texas at Austin (D 2828-2830).
  • Report of the Task Force on Racial Respect and Fairness (D 2831-2868) PDF document.
  • Report of the Task Force on Enrollment Strategy (D 2869-2935) PDF document.
  • Calendar Committee Report on Summer Freshman Class Calendar (D 2936-2937).
  • Calendar Committee Report on Concept of a Fall Break (D 2943).
  • Educational Policy Committee Proposal for Change in the University's Honors Criteria (D 2944-2945).
  • Educational Policy Committee Amendments to Proposed Recommendations for Change in the Residency Requirement in The UT Austin Undergraduate Catalog, D 2480-2482 — (D 3125-3127).
  • Committee of Counsel on Academic Freedom and Responsibility Recommendation for Change in the Handbook of Operating Procedures Concerning Disciplining of a Faculty Member (D 3208-3209).
  • Calendar Committee Proposal Concerning the Calendar for the Summer Freshman Class (SFC) (D 3210).
  • Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Council Officers for 2004-2005 (D 3269-3270).
  • Schedule for Meetings of the Faculty Council in 2004-2005 (D 3272).
  • Cancellation of Summer Meetings of the Faculty Council (D 3273).
  • Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Members for Appointment to the Intercollegiate Athletics Councils for Men and for Women and to the University Co-op Board of Directors (D 3274-3275)
  • Resolution on the Legislative Requirement (D 3276-3277).
  • Proposal for Change in the Policy for Dropping a Course (D 3278-3280).
  • Proposed Revision of The Handbook of Operating Procedures 3.18 Regarding Discovery and the Rights of Parties when a Formal Hearing is to be Held (D 3281-3282).
  • Annual Reports of the Standing Committees of the General Faculty for 2003-2004 (3358-3400).
  • Degrees Awarded in 2003-2004 (D 3357).
  • Annual Report of the Faculty Council for 2003-2004 (D 3421-3454)
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