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Recreational Sports Committee

The Recreational Sports Committee is a standing committee of The University of Texas. The committee advises the Division of Recreational Sports on matters of policy, provides input on facility construction and expansion, hears appeals from various councils, and promulgates regulations for participation in non-student programs. The committee met six times during the fall and spring semesters of 2003-04.

The committee reviewed and unanimously supported recommendations for the division’s 2004-05 operational budget. The committee also reviewed and supported the proposed fee structure for facility use in 2004-05. There will be a 5% increase across the board. Advisement on both the budget and fee structure took place prior to forwarding them to the Student Services Fee Committee and the administration, respectively.

The director made multiple presentations, several of which were related to updates on the aquatics complex. On each occasion the committee reviewed and provided input on design and budgetary considerations for the project. Construction for the complex will begin on May 24, 2004, two days after commencement. The director also presented and reviewed implementation of various aspects of the Campus Master Plan. The common thread in many of these presentations was the creation of more community on campus.

Participation in recreational sports continues to grow. It was reported in 2002-03 nearly 87% of students participated in some form of recreational sports. There was a record of 3.21 million participation hours in recreational sports. Payroll deductions for faculty and staff have increased to 50%. However, the committee is still in favor of seeing the development of a matching program whereby the University would provide a source of funding to offset the cost of individual membership.

The committee applauds the role that recreational sports programs and services provide to the University in developing a sense of community. The committee believes that recreational sports entered this year with the greatest amount of support within memory from students, faculty, staff, and the administration. The committee continues to support the division’s goal to be central to the mission of The University of Texas at Austin – transforming lives for the benefit of society – by providing education through recreation.

Michael Starbird, chair