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Committee on Student Affairs

This academic year, like the previous one, was very uneventful for the Committee on Student Affairs. The committee met on three occasions, once early in the fall semester and twice during the spring semester.

As in recent years, the committee styled itself as a resource to which other student-oriented committees could bring issues that did not precisely fit their jurisdiction, or to which other UT organizations or institutions (both student and faculty organizations) might bring problems or issues requiring faculty input or study. However, no such matters were brought to the committee from any of these sources.

On several occasions during committee meetings, individual committee members suggested specific issues with which the committee might deal, but none of these initiatives generated any sustained attention by the committee or any of its individual members. Two of the issues that seemed to attract the most member interest, however, were (1) faculty advising and mentoring of undergraduates, and the ways in which the University (or its individual schools) might improve that process, and (2) the nature and quality of the University's commitment to undergraduate education, which some committee members felt might be lacking.

At our final meeting, the committee decided that in order to facilitate the committee’s work in the next academic year, (a) the committee would identify campus organizations to which our committee might be of service, and (b) the committee should place the two issues listed in the previous paragraph (advising and commitment to undergraduate education) on the agenda for the committee next year. The committee did not complete the former task; by this report it hopes to complete the second.

David Spence, chair