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Admissions and Registration Committee

The committee took up two issues: the use of race in admissions decisions for 2004–05 and a proposal to change the admissions requirements for those entering the University under the Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP). The committee received a great deal of information about the use of race in admissions decision but did not discuss at length University policy or procedures.

To address the concerns of the quality and number of students entering UT Austin under CAP, the Admissions and Registration Committee recommended to the Faculty Council that

  1. the GPA earned on 30 hours at component UT System institutions be raised from the current 3.0 to 3.2;
  2. all CAP students be required to take as part of thirty hours of course work a mathematics course beyond M 301;
  3. CAP students may not count credit in short semester courses as part of the required thirty hours;
  4. the deadline for accepting CAP be moved from July 1 to June 1;
  5. UT System participating institutions be able to accept only those CAP students who meet their admissions requirements;
  6. CAP be reviewed each year.

The Faculty Council voted to accepted these recommendations in its meeting of March 22, 2004. The understanding of the committee is that these new admissions requirements for CAP will become effective for those seeking admission as freshmen in the fall semester of 2006.

Larry Carver, chair