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Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Committee Membership:
Abraham, Lawrence D. Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Armendariz, Efraim Professor, Mathematics
Bose, Henry R. Professor, Biological Sciences
Dison, Thomas W. (vice chair) Director, Recreational Sports
Ezekoye, Ofodike A. Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Garrison, James D. Professor, English
Gilbert, Jack (chair) Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Haley, Brian Student Government Representative
Knapp, Mark L. Professor, Communication Studies
Leary, Daniel E. Associate Professor, Architecture
Neikirk, Dean Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Schwartz, Jonathan Student Government Representative
Todd, Janice S. Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health Education

Administrative Advisers:
Clubb, Patricia L Vice President for Employee and Campus Services
Rishling, John L. Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Sanders, Sidney J. Director, UT System, Facilities Planning and Construction

The Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) met eight times during the academic year and will continue to meet as necessary during the summer months. With the exception of a student representative, Mr. Schwartz, who failed to participate in any of these meetings, all members of the committee are acknowledged for their commitment of time and energy to the activities of the FBAC during this year.

Committee Activities:
Erwin Center and Basketball Practice Facility: This completed project was critiqued through an on-site inspection. No additional recommendations resulted.
Hotel and Conference Center: The FBAC reviewed data regarding location and appropriateness of the facility planned to accommodate visitors to The University and to provide high-quality space for conferences. Recommendations regarding this project were provided to the president.
Dormitory: The FBAC and its Master Plan Subcommittee have been deeply involved in the planning for a new residential facility on university property at the north end of Whitis Avenue. Recommendations regarding this project have been provided to the president and the design of the facility is under on-going review.
Pavilion: A proposal from the UT Ex-Students Association for construction of an open-air, covered pavilion to the north of the present facility was reviewed and critiqued by the FBAC and its Master Plan Subcommittee. Recommendations regarding this project were provided to the president.
Welch Hall Patio: The Master Plan Subcommittee of the FBAC critiqued plans for an outdoor project on the southwest corner of Welch Hall and made recommendations regarding the pergolas associated with it that were implemented.
Plaza Project for Graduate School of Business: The Master Plan Subcommittee of the FBAC critiqued plans for an outdoor project on the south edge of the Graduate School of Business. The recommendations made by it for this project are being implemented.
Ad hoc committees: An important responsibility of the FBAC continues to be providing representation on ad hoc committees involved in the programming and design phases of major construction projects, including both renovations and new buildings. There currently is active participation on committees for the following projects: Scarbrough Property Dormitory, Gregory Gymnasium Aquatics Complex, Guadalupe Street Reconstruction, Experimental Science Building Renovation, PAC Fire and Life Safety, Welch Hall Infrastructure Evaluation, Biomedical Engineering Building, Child Care Facility.

At the request of the president, the FBAC undertook development of a policy to address the acquisition and placement of public artwork on campus. This policy has been submitted to the president and is expected to be finalized by September 2004.

John C. (Jack) Gilbert, chair