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International Programs and Studies Committee

A major part of the committee's work dealt with the administrative issues prompted by the reorganization of the provost's office and by the retirement of Dr. Larry Graham, associate vice president for international programs. The committee recommended to the provost that Dr. Graham's position should be transferred into the provost's portfolio and be redefined as vice provost for international affairs. The vice provost for international affairs would be given the role as administrator, coordinator, and facilitator for all matters international on our campus and would serve as outside contact for all international efforts. It is the opinion of the committee, that this administrator would provide the leadership for developing both vision and long-term strategies for the internationalization of our campus, and that this change would reflect positively on the increased importance of international studies.

In the alternative, the committee recommends that the provost appoint a task force to study strategies for the internationalization of our campus and to recommend an administrative structure to support it. The task force also should study how faculty could be integrated into this effort more effectively.

The committee discussed H.R. 3077, a federal bill that would give the federal government academic oversight over area studies centers receiving Title VI funding. The committee is concerned about the threat to academic freedom this bill represents.

A continued concern for the committee is the lack of protection for faculty who take students abroad. They still lack liability insurance coverage. The committee is also concerned that no protection, such as legal representation, exists in the event that criminal charges are filed against a UT faculty member abroad.

Due to the efforts of the committee, health insurance benefits for all faculty who lead UT programs abroad are now provided through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This program was originally set up for Maymester faculty.

In a collaborative effort with the Educational Policy Committee, the committee began to deliberate the issue of UT course equivalencies for courses taken with international provider programs (affiliated studies). The objective is to find a process that is predictable for students, preserves individual departments' academic control, and is easy to administrate.

Peter Hess, chair