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Parking and Traffic Policies Committee

Committee Membership:
Participating faculty members:  Ricardo Ainslie, Charles Friedman, Michael L. Garrison, Julie Hallmark, Randy Machemehl, and Gordon Novak.
Participating staff members:  Margaret Evans, Marcus Horton, Holly Lakatos, and Hortensia Peoples.
Participating student members:  Thomas Gunther, Slyman Majid, and Jonathan Worbington.
Advisors:  Patricia Clubb, Kyle Cavanaugh, Gerald R. Harkins, Michael E. Nava, David Rea, and Jeffrey Van Slyke.

Meetings scheduled monthly, September-May, 2003-2004

I. Ways and means of meeting parking needs of faculty, staff, and students.

a. Received a HUB Grant for improving inter-modal transportation for forty bike racks and forty lockers ($106,000)
b. Introduced the UTSHARE Garage Pass “space available” alternative parking for faculty and staff
c. Approved “orange” color for “At All Times” signs in conjunction with the Wayfinding Committee
d. Accepted and forwarded a Bicycle Resolution from the Bicycle Committee, a sub-committee, to the Facilities Board Advisory Council to include facilities planning for bicycles, parking and reasonable bicycle routes within the University campus without dismount zones whenever possible
e. Reviewed ADA requirements for special event parking

II. Establish traffic and parking regulations and review annually a system of priorities for permits to be issued in reserve areas.

a. Established regulations for Segways
b. Approved increases in fees
c. Clarified other existing regulations for better service and enforcement

III. No recommendations were made for the composition or operation of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel.

Randy Machemehl, chair