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FC 2003-2004 Photograph Jeanne Freeland-Graves Eric Malmberg Sue Alexander Greninger Michael Granof Larry R. Faulkner Marvin Hackert James Deitrick Neville Hoad Alan Freidman John Ruszkiewicz Paul Navrátil Rachel McGinity Irene Owens P.R. Antoniewicz Brent Chaney J.L. Erskine Roth Nelson Edward (Ted) Odell John Dollard William Glade James Jirsa Desmond Lawler Donald J MacDonald Larry Abraham Desiderio  Kovar Paul Woodruff Martin Kevorkian Elizabeth Richmond-Garza Alba A. Ortiz Pauline Strong Anthony Petrosino Patrick Brockett Jacqueline Angel Lester Faigley Dominic Lasorsa Cynthia Buckley Dean Almy Douglas Burger Bruce Palka Linda Reichl Linda Golden Kenneth Flamm

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1st Row:
Eric Malmberg, Linda Golden, Jeanne Freeland-Graves, Marvin Hackert, Larry Faulkner, Linda Reichl, Alba Ortiz, Jacqueline Angel, Dominic Lasorsa

2nd Row: Brent Chaney, Paul Navrátil, Patrick Brockett, Desiderio Kovar, Michael Granof, Sue Greninger, Anthony Petrosino, Cynthia Buckley, William Glade

3rd Row: Lester Faigley, John Ruszkiewicz, Dean Almy, Paul Woodruff, Alan Friedman, Douglas Burger, Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, Bruce Palka, John Dollard

4th Row: Desmond Lawler, James Deitrick, Neville Hoad, James Jirsa, Kenneth Flamm, Larry Abraham, Roth Nelson
5th Row:Pauline Strong, Irene Owens, J. L. Erskine, Martin Kevorkian, P.R. Antoniewicz, Rachel McGinity

6th Row:Edward Odell, Daniel John MacDonald

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2003-2004 Faculty Council Photograph



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