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Stanley Arbingast, a distinguished and beloved professor of marketing and resources in the College of Business at The University of Texas at Austin devoted his entire professional life to the University, to the state of Texas, and always to his students. Born in Iowa but raised in Minnesota, he had a continuous exposure to Austin, but in this case Austin, Minnesota, where he attended Austin High School and Winona State University. Upon graduation he embarked on a career in education, teaching in high school.

His career was interrupted by Pearl Harbor and the commencement of World War II. Like a great many young men of his generation, he served in the armed forces, working as a cryptanalyst in the Air Force. Like a number of other veterans, he took advantage of the opportunity to continue his higher education. He entered graduate school at the University of Washington, completing his Ph.D. in September 1949. After growing up in Austin, Minnesota, it seemed fated that he was offered a teaching job in Austin at The University of Texas as an assistant professor of marketing and resources in the College of Business Administration.

Although Dr. Arbingast made important academic and political contributions to the University, he always thought of himself primarily as a teacher. He loved to teach, and his students loved his teaching. He started the first session of every class by making appointments for a personal interview with every student, in which he learned each student’s personal background and his or her goals in life. His student teaching ratings were consistently high, and he was frequently the recipient of teaching excellence awards. His course on the resources and industries of Texas was especially popular.

Because of his educational background in geography and resources, from the outset he was assigned as part time staff of the Bureau of Business Research. The Bureau was funded separately by the Texas State Legislature to finance the monthly Texas Business Review, which provides statistical data on the Texas economy for the legislature and the business community. Ultimately, with the retirement of John Stockton as director of the Bureau, Arbingast was appointed as director, serving from 1969 through 1975. While he was associated with the Bureau, he was the author and coauthor of numerous publications which focused on the economy of Texas and the Southwest. He edited the Texas Business Review and the Atlas of Texas Series published by the Bureau.

Dr. Arbingast was elected or appointed to serve on many University and college committees. He was also requested to work with several state of Texas committees in an advisory capacity. The award he most prized was election to membership in The Hall of Fame of The College of Business Administration, a very distinguished group of business and academic leaders in the Texas business community. After retirement, he served a term as president of the Retired Faculty Association of the University and chaired the scholarship fund of the organization for many years thereafter.

Dr. Arbingast was born September 26, 1910, and died April 12, 2005. His former colleagues will miss him a lot, but we believe his good works will live on in all of his students, faculty, and friends whose lives he enriched.


Larry R. Faulkner, President
The University of Texas at Austin


Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
The General Faculty

This memorial resolution was prepared by a special committee consisting of Professors Edward W. Cundiff (chair), William Cunningham, Mark Alpert, and David Huff.