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Recreational Sports Committee

The committee was comprised of the following members:

Peter R. Antoniewicz Faculty Council appointee, professor, physics
Matthew J. Bailey Faculty Council appointee, associate professor, spanish and portuguese
Glen Baum staff member, elec/mech tech supervisor, engineering
Mario Bermea staff member, accounting technician, fine arts
Blake L. Billman student, Sport Club Council representative, liberal arts
Jennifer S. Brodbelt General Faculty member, professor, chemistry and biochemistry
John S. Butler General Faculty member, professor, management
James W. Deitrick General Faculty member, professor, accounting
Steven Gary Hargis Student Government representative, business administration
Ankeeta Mehta Student Government representative, business administration
Marc A. Musick, chair General Faculty member, associate professor, sociology
John Richburg, vice chair General Faculty member, associate professor, pharmacy
Erin Skoff-Davis student, Intramural Council representative, pharmacy
Tom Dison ex officio, associate vice president and director, recreational sports

The Recreational Sports Committee (RSC) met eight times during the 2004-05 academic year.

Committee Activities/Meeting Topics:

September 7, 2004 (First Meeting):
Introductions were made and elections for chair and vice chair were held. An overview of the committee’s role and relationship to the Division of Recreational Sports was provided.

September 14, 2004 and October 5, 2004 (Appeal process):
The Men’s Soccer Club brought an appeal before the committee. The Men’s Soccer Club went through the appeal process. After deliberation, three motions were passed.

October 19, 2005 (Recreational Sports budget for 2005-06):
An overview of the budget process was presented. The Committee advised and unanimously gave support of the proposed 2005-06 budget request.

December 6, 2004 (Membership and facility usage fees for 2005-06):
The first topic to be discussed was the membership use fee for (05-06). At the time the meeting was held, the Student Services Fee had not been set. The committee unanimously supported the approach of waiting until the student fees were formally approved, and then setting the faculty/staff fees accordingly.

The second topic to be discussed was the facility use fees for (05-06). An overview of the user groups was given. The recommended increase was unanimously supported.

February 4, 2005 (Divisional updates and announcements):
It was announced that a major overhaul of the division’s Web site is underway. The goal is to give students a user friendly website that is more efficient and easier to use.

University events that were to take place at Recreational Sports’ facilities were also announced. Such events were, but not limited to, Dance Marathon, Poker Walk, and Commencement.

March 30, 2005 (Budget and Aquatic Complex update):
The contractors and design team remained optimistic that the Aquatic Complex will open in late September or early October.

By this time the Student Services Fee Committee (SSFC) had met and made allocations. For the first time in recent years, the committee did not participate in setting the fee supporting SSF agencies. Instead, the committee made allocations from the aggregate amount supplied by the University’s Budget Council.

April 27, 2005 (Tour and Aquatic Complex update):
Throughout the year, the committee was updated on the progress of the Aquatic Complex. During the last meeting of the spring semester, the committee toured the construction site.

The Committee is acknowledged for their support, time, efforts and commitment put forth during this year.

Marc Musick, chair