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Recruitment and Retention Committee

Committee Membership

Ge Chen, assistant dean of students
Alan Constant, director of learning center, ex officio
Augustine Garza, deputy director of admissions
Darlene Grant, associate dean, graduate school

Faculty council
Desmond Lawler, professor, civil engineering
Gwen Webb-Johnson, assistant professor, special education

General faculty
Dana Cloud, associate professor, communication studies
Tom Garza, associate professor, Slavic languages and literature
Zena Moore, associate professor, curriculum and instruction

Student Government representatives
Kunal Das
Yvette Garza
Brenda Jimenez

Administrative Advisors, ex officio
Susana Aleman, representative Hispanic alumni
Brenda Burt, representative, Black alumni association
James Hill, vice president for community and school relations

At the first standing committee meeting on September 7, 2004, Dr. Zena Moore was selected as chair for the period 2004-06. Dr. Moore, asked the members to set a fixed monthly meeting date. The group decided to have its meetings on the first Monday of every month, from 11am-noon in MAIN 120.

The group also decided that the fall semester should be devoted to collecting information relevant to the task of the committee. Members agreed to seek information on the application process, recruitment efforts to attract minority students and minority faculty, financial and academic support for students and faculty, and on enrollment figures in general. In the fall semester four meetings were held.

On November 29, Augustine Garza addressed the group to inform them on matters related to the enrollment figures, applications and acceptance of students based on ethnicity.

Ge Chen from Academic Enrichment Services (formerly Retention Services) in the Office of the Dean of Students provided information on the recruitment, support, and services the seven AES programs. The seven programs are open to all students particularly to students of color and under-represented students including first generation college students and students from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds.

Zena Moore collected information from the Director of the Center for African and African American Studies on African American student enrollment and graduation rates. The information collected revealed that the numbers of in-coming freshmen African American and Hispanic students have been increasing over the years and reached a record high in 2004. The number of Asian students has been fairly constant at slightly over 1000.

Gwen Webb-Johnson made a strong and passionate appeal to the committee to urge the new incoming vice provost in charge of inclusiveness and cross-cultural effectiveness to examine the reasons for minority faculty not being tenured. The committee also agreed that the chair, Zena Moore, request representation on the search committee for the new vice provost position.

The committee also looked at the recommendations for the composition of the University standing committees submitted by the Faculty Committee on Committees. We agreed that the all committees should have representation from faculty, staff, and students. Zena Moore sent the decision to the chair of Faculty Committee on Committees.

In the spring semester four meetings were held. The spring semester focused on activities dealing with the search for the new vice provost. Zena Moore relayed relevant information about the progress of the search committee. Five final candidates were invited for campus visits. Only four actually visited. Members of Recruitment and Retention Committee attended the open forums and met with the candidates

Having set monthly meetings proved very successful with one problem, those members who could not make the time and days were not able to be present for the entire semester. However, regular email communication facilitated interaction among committee members. Overall, it was a productive year.

Zena Moore, chair