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Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy conducted the following business during the 2004-05 academic year:

1. At the request of the provost, we reviewed the Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) and provided a motion to the Faculty Council to endorse the BDP program as a means of achieving interdisciplinary education at the University.
2. At the request of the provost, the following items were discussed from the president’s Task Force on Enrollment Management:
Establish limit of 10 semesters to complete baccalaureate degree
Increase to 15 the minimum number of required hours for merit scholarships
Students must carry at least 15 hours for certain honors and honors programs
Allowing enrolled students to apply only once for transfer into restricted programs
Adopt University-wide policy regulating repeated registration for courses which cannot be repeated for additional credit, using the policy in the College of Natural Science as a model
Develop a policy to limit the number of times a student may drop a course or withdraw from the University

Motions endorsing all of these items, with the exception of the minimum hours for merit based scholarships, were forwarded to the Faculty Council.
3. At the request of the student deans, we discussed making changes to the way dismissal is defined at the University. This legislation was forwarded to the Faculty Council.

Archie Holmes, chair