C-8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

Dominic L. Lasorsa

Vice-chair Martin Poenie

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FUNCTION: To review petitions and appeals arising in connection with parking priorities and enforcement of regulations.

COMPOSITION: At least eighteen members of the General Faculty, ten members of the University staff, and ten students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the appropriate student committee and shall include two nominated by the Graduate Student Assembly and eight nominated by Student Government. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the panel. The panel shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty.1

1Changes in function and composition were approved by the Faculty Council on April 11, 2005, and transmitted to the president on April 12, 2005. The president approved the changes on June 14, 2005. See D 3765-3773 for additional information.

Members, 2004-2005:
Accapadi, Mamta 2004-2005 program coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Allen, Barbara O. 2004-2005 senior administrative associate, Office of the Vice President for Resource Development
  Armour, Marilyn 2004-2006 assistant professor, social work
Brand, Deborah K. 2004-2005 administrative associate, pharmacy
  Browning, Larry D. 2004-2006 professor, communication studies
Dean, D. Michelle 2004-2005 senior administrative associate, business
Evelyn, Jeffrey S. 2004-2005 executive assistant, chemistry and biochemistry
  Flamm, Kenneth 2004-2006 professor, LBJ school
Gerstenberg, W. Eric 2004-2005 senior office assistant, Office of Accounting
  Gilmson, Sophia 2003-2005 associate professor, music
  Ginsburg, Diane B. 2003-2005 clinical associate professor, pharmacy
  Gonzalez, Oscar 2003-2005 assistant professor, mathematics
** Haas, Carl T. 2004-2005 professor, civil engineering
  Lasorsa, Dominic L. 2003-2005 associate professor, journalism
  Markovits, Inga 2004-2006 professor, law
McFarlin, Michael 2004-2005 administrative associate, Plan II Honors
  Pence, Suzanne M. 2003-2005 associate professor, music
  Peterson Jr., Fred L. 2003-2005 associate professor, kinesiology and health education
  Philips, David J. 2003-2005 assistant professor, radio-television-film
  Poenie, Martin 2003-2005 associate professor, cellular and molecular biology
  Popova, Elmira 2003-2005 assistant professor, mechanical engineering
Ray, Dorene 2004-2005 administrative associate, Equal Opportunity Services
Rhodes, Sharon L. 2004-2005 administrative assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics for Men
Ross, Sheila 2004-2005 assistant to the dean, fine arts
  Sparrow, Bartholomew 2004-2006 associate professor, government
  Tyler, Diane O. 2003-2005 assistant professor, nursing
  Wiley, Darlene C. 2003-2005 professor, music
  Xu, Bugao 2004-2006 associate professor, human ecology
*Staff Member
**Replaced Patricia Wilson on September 1, 2004 who declined to serve the final year of her term.

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Buckley, Cynthia J. 2004-2005 associate professor, sociology
  Franklin, Maria 2004-2005 assistant professor, anthropology

Ten Students:
  Ayers, Jennifer 2004-2005 Student Government representative, radio-television-film
  Codrea, Vlad 2004-2005 Student Government representative, biological sciences
  Das, Kunal 2004-2005 Student Government representative, finance
  Denton, Zane 2004-2005 Student Government representative, biological sciences
  Dinyarian, Farzin 2004-2005 Student Government representative, business
  Hendricks, Ashlee 2004-2005 Student Government representative, accounting
  Horton, Rachel 2004-2005 Student Government representative, accounting
  McGinity, Rachel C. 2004-2005 Student Government representative, curriculum and instruction
  Parsley, Catherine 2004-2005 Student Government representative, psychology
  Talmadge, Chelsea 2004-2005 Student Government representative, economics