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2005-2006 General Faculty and Faculty Council Reports

Secretary's Reports

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Other Reports

  • Report and Resolution from the ad hoc Committee to Study the Status of the Course Instructor Surveys (CIS) (D 4133-4135).
  • Address on the State of the University (D 4142-4149).
  • Annual Report of the University Faculty Ombudsperson for 2004-2005 (D 4152).
  • Report of the Task Force on Curricular Reform (PDF) (D 4164-4207).
  • Final Report and Recommendations from the ad hoc Committee to Study Course Instructor Surveys (CIS) (D 4250-4253).
  • Recommendations of the Implementation Committee on the Status of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (D 4277-4281), based on the 2002 Final Report President's ad hoc Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Teaching Faculty (D 2488-2493, chair, Judith Langlois) — Hillary Hart (senior lecturer, civil engineering).
  • Standing Committees of the General Faculty for 2005-2006 (D 4284-4300).
  • Motion to recognize temporary disabilities caused by pregnancy and childbirth for graduate students (D 4355).
  • Motion to change the definition of University Honors (D 4524).
  • Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Members for Appointment to the University Co-op Board of Directors (D 4525).
  • Nominations for Intercollegiate Athletics Councils and for the University Co-op Board of Directors (D 4628-4629).
  • Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Council Officers for 2006-2007 (D 4776-4777).
  • Revised Motion to Change the Definition of University Honors (D 4779-4780).
  • Cancellation of Summer Meetings of the Faculty Council (D 4781).
  • Schedule for Meetings of the Faculty Council in 2006-2007 (D 4782).
  • Senate of College Councils Resolutions concerning curricular reform, attachments to the minutes of the regular Faculty Council meeting of April 17, 2006 (Appendix A) (D 4802-4815).
  • 2005-2006 Report on Faculty Memorials (D 4860).
  • Annual Report of the Faculty Council for 2005-2006 (D 4899-4937)
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