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Faculty Committee on Committees

Lawrence D. Abraham (chair), professor, kinesiology and health education, and curriculum and instruction
Richard A. Cherwitz, professor, communication studies
Linda Ferreira-Buckley, associate professor, English
Linda L. Golden, professor, marketing administration
Edmund (Ted) Gordon, associate professor, anthropology
Sue A. Greninger, ex officio, secretary, General Faculty, and associate professor, human ecology
Lori Holleran, assistant professor, social work
Glenn Masada, professor, mechanical engineering
Elizabeth Pomeroy, associate professor, social work
Ken Ralls, professor, mechanical engineering
Michael Starbird, professor, mathematics
Angela Valenzuela, associate professor, curriculum and instruction

The Committee on Committees met three times throughout the 2005-06 academic year. The first meeting was convened by Professor Holleran on August 31, 2005. At that meeting Professor Abraham was elected to serve as chair, and Professor Pomeroy was elected to serve as vice chair. Professor Abraham, who served as chair in 2003-04, reviewed the previous year’s report and noted that there was no substantive business carried forward from the previous year. The committee agreed to convene again when business was referred to it.

On September 7, 2005, the chair received a request from the Office of the Provost to consider Larry Speck (architecture) or Linda Henderson (art and art history) to replace Louis Waldman (art and art history) on the Educational Policy Committee, as he was going on leave. This request was approved.

In January 2006, the chair consulted with the Office of the General Faculty regarding the call for nominations from the General Faculty and also previewed and critiqued the new Web-based nomination system.

On March 6, 2006, the committee met to receive the results of the faculty nominations and the detailed information about vacant positions in each standing committee (and also the ITAC committee) for 2006-07. The chair asked each member to review the nominations and to prepare a ranking for each committee. These rankings were to be submitted to the chair to be compiled for the next meeting. At this meeting Professor Ralls volunteered to serve as chair elect, and he was gratefully elected by acclamation.

On May 5, 2006, the committee met for the final time to review the compiled rankings and to construct the final list of nominations for the committees. At this meeting Professor Linda Golden, chair elect of the Faculty Council, provided a list of her nominations for Faculty Council representatives to the committees, as well as the results of the general faculty balloting for elected members to a few committees. The committee also considered the results of the various committee selections of chairs elect, to assure that these individuals would be members of the committee in the 2006-07 academic year. Lists were approved for each committee, consisting of two more individuals than the number of spaces to be filled, following discussion of the initial rankings and considering the desirability to have broad representation on each committee. Professor Golden also suggested that the committee recommend a change in the by-laws specifying the composition of the Committee on Committees to add the chair elect of the Faculty Council as a non-voting member, so that in future years the appointments by the chair elect can be coordinated with the recommendations of the committee. This recommendation was approved unanimously.

On May 12, 2006, the final recommendations of the committee were sent electronically to the Office of the General Faculty.

Looking forward to the next academic year, there are no specific issues or unfinished business being carried forward, other than the proposal to change the composition of the committee.

Larry Abraham, chair

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