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Recreational Sports Committee

The committee was comprised of the following members:

Linda Abbey staff member, development officer, University of Texas Libraries
Brett Beaman Council of RecSports representative, senior, finance
Steven Biegalski General Faculty member, assistant professor, engineering
Jennifer S. Brodbelt , vice chair General Faculty member, professor, chemistry and biochemistry
Grant Cohen Student Government representative, sophomore, business administration
James W. Deitrick, chair General Faculty member, professor, accounting
Diana DiNitto General Faculty member, professor, social work
Tom Dison ex officio, associate vice president and director, recreational sports
Julia Laskowski Council of RecSports representative, senior, civil engineering
Nanette Lemma staff member, technical illustrator II, Applied Research Laboratories
Ankeeta Mehta Student Government representative, senior, business administration
Marc A. Musick, chair General Faculty member, associate professor, sociology
Janice Todd General Faculty member, professor, kinesiology and health education
Keith Walters General Faculty member, professor, linguistics
Sheila Winchester staff member, professional librarian, University of Texas Libraries

The Recreational Sports Committee (RSC) will meet a total of six times during the 2005-06 academic year.

Committee Activities/Meeting Topics:
  • September 7, 2005 (First Meeting):
    Introductions were made and elections for chair, James Deitrick, and vice chair, Jennifer Brodbelt, were held. Tom Dison provided an overview of the committee’s role and relationship to the Division of Recreational Sports.

  • October 12, 2005 (Recreational Budget Presentation 2006-07):
    An overview of the budget process was presented. The committee advised and unanimously gave support of the proposed 2006-07 budget request.

  • December 2, 2005 (Membership and Facility Usage Fees for 2006-07):
    The first topic discussed were the membership use fees for 2006-07.
    The second topic discussed was the facility use fees for 2006-07. A review of the RecSports user groups was given. The recommended increases in user fees were unanimously supported.

  • February 17, 2006 (Updates, Election, and Announcements):
    The committee was updated on the cost of utilities. Costs are escalating primarily because of refining capacity losses and energy production damage from Hurricane Katrina. It is anticipated that next year’s unit price will exceed expectations by an additional ten percent.
    In response to user requests for extended pool hours, a discussion of all campus pool facilities and their hours of operations took place. It was decided that before any changes to operating hours were made, it was important to gather and review participation statistics and monitor usage of the new facility as we transition from off-season into in-season hours.
    Elections for the chair of the 2006-07 Recreational Sports Committee were held. Marc Musick will be chair next year.
    University events that were to take place at Recreational Sports’ facilities were also announced. Events included Dance Marathon, Poker Walk, and spring commencement.

  • March 24, 2006 (Follow-up to the Meeting on February 17, 2006):
    The committee further reviewed the availability and participation in the pool facilities. A reminder about the Aquatic Complex Grand Opening/Splash Bash was made.

  • April 28, 2006 (Final Meeting):
    The final meeting is scheduled to take place on April 28, 2006.
The committee is acknowledged for their support, time, efforts and commitment put forth during the past year.

James Deitrick, chair

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