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Recruitment and Retention Committee

Committee Membership
Members: Alan Constant, director of learning center; Donald Heider, associate professor, journalism; Jane Kretzschmar, coordinator, social work; Zena Moore, associate professor, curriculum and instruction; Margrett Myhre, academic advisor I, liberal arts; Juanita Wagstaff, assistant professor, educational administration; Leo Zonn, professor, geography and the environment
Faculty Council Appointees: Lorenzo Candelaria, assistant professor, music; Oscar Gonzalez, assistant professor, mathematics
Student Appointees: Sarika Amin, Student Government representative; Marcos De Leon, Graduate Student Assembly representative; Jacob Eliseo, Student Government representative; Michael Orono, Student Government representative
Administrative Advisors, Ex-officio: Margarita Arellano, associate dean of students, Hispanic Alumni Association representative; James Hill, vice president for community and school relations; Gregory Vincent, vice provost for inclusion and cross cultural effectiveness; Terry Wilson, associate vice president, Black Alumni Association representative
Administration with vote: Augustine Garza, deputy director, admissions; Lucia Gilbert, vice provost for undergraduate studies; Darlene Grant, associate dean, graduate school

At the very first meting there were; Sarika Amin, Lorenzo Candalaria, Ge Chen, Oscar Gonzalez, Jane Kretzschmar, Zena Moore, Michael Orona, Terry Wilson, and Leo Zonn. Professor Zena Moore was elected unanimously to serve a second term.

In the fall semester four meetings were held. In the spring semester four meetings were held. The committee focused on activities dealing with the low numbers of African Americans at the graduate level.

In addition to presentations made by Vice Provost Vincent, the committee heard from:

Edmund Gordon (African and African American studies) presented data (handouts) concerning:
a. Percentage of total student population that is African American at UT and a dozen comparable institutions
b. Trends in African American applications and subsequent enrollment at UT.
Terry Wilson, about the general low enrollments of African American students at UT and why the picture is so bleak at the graduate level.
Darlene Grant on efforts to recruit more African American graduate students.
Efforts were made to contact all fourteen deans at UT about the following (Only five deans responded.):
a. Who the minority officers were and how they were recruited
b. The number of minority/African American faculty members in the unit
c. What efforts were being made to recruit /retain African American graduate students? Was there a person or committee in charge of these efforts

As a result of the year’s work, the committee makes the following recommendations to the Faculty Council:
  • In light of the fact that over 50% of graduate programs at UT have no African American students, greater efforts must be made by all deans to increase the presence of African Americans at the graduate level.
  • That the role of the minority liaison officers be more clearly defined.
  • That the provost be approached to discuss the institution’s financial commitment, or lack thereof, to the increased enrollment of African Americans at the graduate level.
Having set monthly meetings proved very successful except for one problem, those members who could not make the time and days were not able to be present for the entire year. However, regular email communication facilitated interaction among committee members. All in all, it was a productive year.

Lorenzo Candelaria is the new 2006-07 chair.

Zena Moore, chair

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