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Information Technology Committee

Committee Members
Flamm, Kenneth, public affairs, chair
Kovar, Desiderio, mechanical engineering,vice chair

Faculty Members
Almy, Dean J., architecture
Duke, Robert A., music
Grobe, Susan J., nursing
Raizen, Esther L., Middle Eastern studies
Rowe, Timothy B., geological sciences
Strover, Sharon L., radio-television-film
1Mary L. Rice-Lively resigned from the committee on January 27, 2006, due to a scheduling conflict.
2Daniel H. Robinson resigned from the committee on January 27, 2006, due to a scheduling conflict.

Staff Members
Burns, David A., business school
Donovan, Bennett, Information Technology Services
Gavenda, Philip M., admissions
Simon, R. Frank, fine arts

Student Members
Gilstrap, Stephen, Senate of College Councils representative, business
Guo, Runhua, Graduate Student Assembly representative, engineering
Kennedy, Christopher J., Student Government representative, public affairs
Priven, Moira E., Graduate Student Assembly representative, foreign language education

Administrative Advisers (ex officio)
Ashcroft, Judy C., associate vice president, Division of Innovative Instruction and Assessment
Brumfield, Jeffrey A., representative, college and school technology coordinators, associate dean, Instructional Technology
Lavender, Robert G. (Greg), director, computer sciences
Reynolds, Athena H., representative, financial affairs
Updegrove, Daniel A., vice president, information technology

Meeting Dates
The full Information Technology (IT) Committee met six times during the 2005-06 year. The dates and locations of the meetings are listed below.
Friday, September 2, 2005-SRH 3
October 28, 2005-SRH 3
November 18, 2005-WC Hogg, Dean’s conference room
December 16, 2005-FAC 228D
January 27, 2006-FAC 228D
February 24, 2006-FAC 228D

Summary of Actions

As a newly formed committee, much of this year was spent determining the role this committee would play and how it would interact with existing committees that deal with aspects of IT-related services such as the eUniversity Steering Committee (eUSC), IT Coordinating Council (ITCC), and the IT Advisory Committee (ITAC). In many respects, this task is still a work in progress that will need to be further clarified in the coming years.

The committee initially chose to focus its attention on reviewing existing and future policies that influence students, staff, and faculty. After a presentation by Craig Blaha, project coordinator for ITS, and Cam Beasley, director of the UT Information Security Office, in which they outlined present and draft policies that were under consideration, the committee felt that this issue required further examination. In particular, we spent considerable time scrutinizing a draft document of Business Procedures Memorandum (BPM) 75-04-06, Protecting the Confidentiality and Integrity of Digital Research Data. Many of the committee members felt that the proposed policies were overly restrictive, included unfunded mandates, and would be detrimental to the campus community. At our January 27 meeting, C.W. Goldsmith, associate vice chancellor and chief information officer for the UT System was invited to discuss our concerns regarding the proposed policies. This meeting led to a considerable number of changes to the draft. The final BPM was approved by the UT System office on April 11, 2006, and is in the process of being implemented at UT Austin.

Other issues were raised but the committee did not have time to address them in its first year. These included:
1. Ensuring that there is a process in place for reviewing policies that might adversely affect students, staff, and faculty. Some committee members felt that there is currently no feedback loop in place to address this issue .
2. Coordinating with other IT committees and other UT Standing Committees such as the libraries committee to review policies that may cut across more than one committee’s mission.

Desiderio Kovar, vice chair

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