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Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee was involved in a relatively small number of issues during the 2005-06 academic year. The committee held its first meeting on September 7, 2005, to elect a chair and vice chair and to discuss an issue with the grade submission schedule for the fall 2005 semester. After much the discussion during and after this meeting, the committee endorsed a memo, originating in the registrar's office, which was sent out to all faculty and staff. During the spring semester, the committee also considered taking up the overall issue of the fall semester schedule. The particular concern is whether the first day of fall semester classes could be moved a couple of days earlier, and/or whether the fall semester final exam schedule could be set earlier so that it would not fall too close to the Christmas holiday (this is connected to the problem with the grade reporting schedule that occurred in the fall semester of 2005). However, due to scheduling problems and the request for new legislative issues to be presented early in the spring semester, it was decided to defer consideration of these issues until the fall 2006 semester, under the direction of chair elect Dr. Kenneth M. Ralls.

John Hasenbein, chair

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