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Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Committee Membership:
Armendariz, Efraim professor, mathematics
Branham, Lorraine professor, journalism
Brummett, Elizabeth A. Student Government representative
Ezekoye, Ofodike A. associate professor, civil engineering
Freeland-Graves, Jeanne professor, human ecology
Garcia, Manuel A. associate director, Construction Industry Institute
Garrison, James D. professor, English
Gilbert, Jack (chair) professor, chemistry and biochemistry
Jirsa, James professor, civil engineering
Leary, Daniel E. (vice chair) associate professor, architecture
Todd, Janice S. associate professor, kinesiology and health education
Warnow, Tandy professor, computer sciences
Wilson, Samuel professor, anthropology
Windle, Michael Student Government representative

Administrative Advisers:
Clubb, Patricia L vice president, Employee and Campus Services
Dixon, David R. director, UT System, Facilities Planning and Construction
Rishling, John L. associate vice president, Campus Planning and Facilities Management

The Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) has met five times thus far during the academic year and will continue to meet as necessary during the remaining months of the academic year. All members of the committee are gratefully acknowledged for their commitment of time and energy to the activities of the FBAC during this year.

Committee Activities:
Artwork in Public Places: The FBAC evaluated several proposals for artwork, both on and off campus. Educating the various units of the University regarding existence of the policy is an on-going process.
Construction Projects: The FBAC continues to consult and monitor the following projects: Executive Education and Conference Center, which is in the final planning phase; Almetris Duren Residence Hall, which is under construction; Bellmont Hall Fire and Life Safety project, which is currently under construction; North End Zone project, construction of which is scheduled to begin in November 2006; Advanced Research Laboratory, which is under construction; High Density Storage Facility, which is in the planning phase; LBJ Plaza, which is in the planning phase; Fire and Life Safety projects for residence hall that are underway or in the planning phase; and Student Activity Center, the site for which has tentatively been selected on main campus.

John C. (Jack) Gilbert, chair

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