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Parking and Traffic Policies Committee

Participating faculty members:  Matthew J. Bailey (Co-Chair), James Erskine, Michael L. Garrison, Linda L. Golden, Hunter March, and Keith Turner.
Participating staff members:  Jesse G. Chapa, K. Wayne Chance, Martha R. Connelly, and Emil F. Kresl (Co-Chair).
Participating student members:  Elizabeth A. Brummett, Lauren A. Cove, and Carlos Ochoa.
Advisors:  Patricia L. Clubb, Gerald R. Harkins, Sheldon B. Lewis, Terry McMahan, David L. Rea, Colleen E. Stoll, and Bobby J. Stone.

Meetings scheduled monthly, September-May, 2005-06

I. Ways and means of meeting parking needs of faculty, staff, and students.

A. Met the parking and traffic needs of on-going construction
1. Closure of south end of Speedway due to construction of Blanton Museum.
2. Completion of RecSport’s Outdoor Pool reopened some spaces.
3. Discussed future construction plans of renovation of the North End Zone of the DKR Stadium.
B. Bicycle Regulations.
1. Reviewed implementation of bike racks and bike lockers.
2. Reviewed the policy of required registration for bicycles.
C. Discussed finding ways of providing PTS more support with additional resources and funding to stimulate pedestrian and alternative transportation.

II. Establish traffic and parking regulations and review annually a system of priorities for permits to be issued in reserved areas.

A. Increase parking permits fees.
B. Increased parking rates for garages and surface spaces.
C. Clarified other existing regulations for better service and enforcement.
D. Reviewed and approved a standardized policy for Golf Carts on campus.

III. No recommendations were made for the composition or operation of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel.

Emil Kresl, chair

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