C-8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

Chair/Chair elect:

Martin Poenie

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FUNCTION: To review petitions and appeals arising in connection with parking priorities and enforcement of regulations.

COMPOSITION: At least eighteen members of the General Faculty, ten members of the University staff, and ten students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the appropriate student committee and shall include two nominated by the Graduate Student Assembly and eight nominated by Student Government. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the panel. The panel shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty.

Members, 2005-2006:
  Adejumo, Christopher O. 2005-2007 associate professor, art and art history
  Armour, Marilyn 2004-2006 assistant professor, social work
  Browning, Larry D. 2004-2006 professor, communication studies
  Dodd, Barbara G. 2005-2007 professor, educational psychology
  Flamm, Kenneth 2004-2006 professor, LBJ school
  Kearney, Mary Celeste 2005-2007 assistant professor, radio-television-film
  Miller, Karl H. 2005-2007 assistant professor, history
  Ocampo, Cesar A. 2005-2007 associate professor, aerospace engineering
  Parrino, Robert1 2005-2006 professor, finance
  Poenie, Martin 2005-2007 associate professor, cellular and molecular biology
  Rochlen, Aaron B. 2005-2007 assistant professor, educational psychology
  Somers, Patricia 2005-2007 associate professor, educational administration
  Sparrow, Bartholomew H. 2004-2006 associate professor, government
  Valdez, Fred 2005-2007 associate professor, anthropology
  Walters, S. Keith 2005-2007 professor, linguistics
  Wiley, Darlene C. 2005-2007 professor, music
  Xu, Bugao 2004-2006 professor, human ecology
  TBD2 2005-2007 General Faculty Member
1Replacement for Inga Markovits who was unable to complete the last year of her term because she is on sabbatical and will not return until spring 2006.
2 Stephen D. Hoelscher, associate professor, American studies resigned from the committee in December 2005.

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Emelianov, Stanislov 2005-2006 assistant professor, biomedical engineering
  Hale, Charles R. 2005-2006 associate professor, anthropology

Ten Staff:
  Ancelet, Carol L. 2005-2006 administrative associate, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
  Del Toro, Corina A. 2005-2006 senior administrative associate, Center for Transportation Research
  Eikner, Karen A. 2005-2006 senior administrative associate, philosophy
  Gonzalez, Marco A. 2005-2006 coordinator, biological sciences
  Harrison, Jean P. 2005-2006 accounting clerk III, general libraries
  McCraw, Chris M. 2005-2006 Sr Oper Sys Spec, computer sciences
  Peake, Susan E. 2005-2006 senior administrative associate, liberal arts
  Rodriguez, Benjamin A. 2005-2006 library assistant, UT Libraries
  Ross, Janell E. 2005-2006 executive assistant, Hogg Foundation
  Ross, Sheila A. 2005-2006 assistant to dean, fine arts

Ten Students:
  Aggarwal, Rishi S. 2005-2006 Student Government representative, aerospace engineering
  Ajibade, Damilare 2005-2006 Student Government representative, electrical engineering
  Ching, Kevin C. 2005-2006 Student Government representative, biological sciences
  Dinyarian, Farzin 2005-2006 Student Government representative, business
  Espinoza, Jason A. 2005-2006 Student Government representative, government
  Forestell, Amy D. 2005-2006 Graduate Student Assembly representative, astronomy
  Malmberg, Erik D. 2005-2006 Graduate Student Assembly representative, educational administration
  Negrete, Claudia A. 2005-2006 Student Government representative, liberal arts
  Rubio, Cristopher 2005-2006 Student Government representative, mathematics
  Vasavada, Needhi 2005-2006 Student Government representative, Spanish