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To: Members of the General Faculty
From: Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
Subject: Motion to Change the Degree Requirements for All Undergraduate Students at UT Austin
Date: November 27, 2006

This notice is to inform you of your opportunity to either accept (by taking no action) or to protest (as described below) the curricular reform legislation approved by the Faculty Council on November 20, 2006. Because the proposal is classified as major legislation, it must, according to the by-laws of the Council, be submitted to the General Faculty on a no-protest basis.

The legislation will be submitted to the president for approval as General Faculty legislation unless protests have been received by the secretary from 25 voting members of the General Faculty by December 8, 2006. If sufficient protests are received, the legislation will be presented to the General Faculty for discussion at the General Faculty meeting currently scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2006 at 3:45 p.m. in MAIN 212.

Protests, including the name of the protestor and the reason(s) for the protest, may be sent to the Office of the General Faculty by email at or mailed to one of the following addresses:
Campus Mail: WMB 2.102, F9500.
U.S. Mail : Office of the General Faculty
  University of Texas at Austin
  P.O. Box 7816
  Austin, TX 78713-7816

The proposal (D 5155-5163), as approved by the Faculty Council, is attached for your convenience. It was introduced by the Educational Policy Committee, a General Faculty Standing Committee, following numerous forums held across campus regarding proposals made last year in the Report of the Task Force on Curricular Reform. The Task Force on Curricular Reform was appointed by President Larry Faulkner, Executive Vice President and Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson, and Faculty Council Chair Linda Reichl in December 2004 as the result of recommendations regarding the future of the University made in the Final Report of the Commission of 125.

At the October 16 Faculty Council meeting, the following statement was presented as an explanation of the intent of the motion regarding undergraduate curricular reform:
The intent of this motion is to provide a broad set of goals and objectives for curriculum revision with specific suggestions and schedule for implementation. It is not a literal set of rules with no flexibility. The new dean of undergraduate studies, working together with a faculty-staff advisory group, shall develop and execute realistic strategies to achieve and assess these goals and objectives. The Faculty Council shall exercise its oversight responsibility through periodic evaluation of the overall progress of curriculum revision through its review and approval of undergraduate degree plan legislation submitted by the faculties of the individual colleges and schools.
If you wish to access additional information regarding the review process followed in the development of this legislation as well as arguments that have been made both for and against the proposed changes to the undergraduate core curriculum, please visit the Faculty Council Web site.

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