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Following are the minutes of the special Faculty Council meeting of May 7, 2007.

Greninger Signature
Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
The General Faculty

MAY 7, 2007

The first meeting of the voting members of the 2007-2008 Faculty Council was held in Room 212 of the Main Building on Monday, May 7, 2007, at 2:15 p.m. Douglas C. Burger (computer sciences), chair of the 2007-2008 Council, presided.

Present: Lawrence D. Abraham, Urton L. Anderson, Matthew J. Bailey, Christopher J. Bell, Tawny L. Bettinger, Daniel J. Birkholz, Douglas C. Burger, Virginia G. Burnett, Linda J. Carpenter, Lisa J. Cary, Elizabeth Cullingford, Molly E. Cummings, Gustavo A. De Veciana, John S. Dzienkowski, Kevin N. Foster, Luis Francisco-Revilla, Jeanne H. Freeland-Graves, Alan W. Friedman, Brian C. Gatten, Linda L. Golden, Michael H. Granof, Darlene Grant, Sue A. Greninger, Ian F. Hancock, Martha F. Hilley, David M. Hillis, Klaus O. Kalthoff, Robert C. Koons, Desiderio Kovar, Nancy P. Kwallek, Desmond F. Lawler, Samuel R. Long, Carol H. Mackay, Raul L. Madrid, John H. Murphy, Stephen Myers, Jon E. Olson, Alba A. Ortiz, Cynthia Osborne, Domino R. Perez, Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Keshav Rajagopalan, Kenneth M. Ralls, John H. Richburg, Gretchen Ritter, Andrew C. Solomon, Shannon Speed, Janet Staiger, Mary A. Steinhardt, Nicole E. Trinh, Jeffrey Vaaler, Clark R. Wilson, Sharon L. Wood, Patrick Woolley.

Absent: Kamran Ali, Mark I. Alpert, Efraim P. Armendariz, Hans C. Boas, Gary D. Borich, Penelope Davies (excused), Sherry L. Field, Linda V. Gerber (excused), Edmund (Ted) Gordon, Kenneth J. Hale (excused), Neville Hoad, Karrol A. Kitt (excused), Dominic L. Lasorsa (excused), Wayne Lesser, Robert P. Lieli, Joan A. Mullin (excused), J. Patrick Olivelle, Thomas G. Palaima (excused), Paul R. Shapiro (excused), Nikita Storojev (excused), Pauline T. Strong, Travis W. Witherspoon, Stacy Wolf (excused).

Voting Members: 54 present, 32 absent, 77 total.


Professor Linda Golden, chair of the 2006-07 Faculty Council, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. She invited members of the new 2007-08 Council to stay for the 2006-07 Council meeting that would follow the special 2007-08 meeting to elect officers. She then turned the meeting over to Professor Doug Burger, chair of the 2007-08 Faculty Council. Professor Burger welcomed the new members and expressed his gratitude for their service on the Faculty Council. On behalf of the Faculty Council Executive Committee, which had served as the nominating committee, he also thanked the nominees who were willing to run for Council officers for the coming year. He reported that a member who could not attend the meeting had requested that proxy votes be allowed for the election of officers. Professor Burger moved that proxies be allowed and the motion was seconded. There was no discussion and the motion passed by voice vote.


Chair Burger called on each candidate to make a brief statement and read statements prepared by Professors Thomas Palaima and Karrol Kitt because they were unable to attend the meeting. Following the statements, Chair Burger asked if there were any nominations from the floor, Professor Michael Granof (accounting) made the following comment: “I don’t actually have a nomination; however, I note that just about every member on the nominating committee who is eligible for appointment or for nomination to one of these elective offices has in fact been nominated.” Referring to the situation as “somewhat incestuous,” he said he was not raising an issue about any of the specific candidates because he thought all were qualified for the positions, but he said he was concerned about the same people serving from year to year and felt it was important to bring in new people from throughout the University. Chair Burger responded that ”none of the people who were nominated were participating in the discussions where they were nominated,” but he agreed that the slate of nominees could potentially contribute to Professor Granof’s impression. Noting that every office had a candidate who was not on the nominating committee, Chair Burger said he thought Faculty Council members would be able to consider Professor Granof’s concern when casting their votes. He thanked Professor Granof for expressing his point of view. After reiterated that the nominees were not present when they were nominated, Professor Golden also pointed out that the candidates were also selected from nominations made by members of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council rather than just from those suggested by members of the Faculty Council Executive Committee. Chair Burger agreed that it was important to have new people serving as officers and again asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Since there were no other nominations, members cast their votes on the paper ballots that were then collected and tallied.

A. Election of the chair elect.
Professors David Hillis (professor, integrative biology) and Robert Koons (professor, philosophy) were the nominees; Professor Hillis was elected.
B. Election to the Executive Committee of a member from the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets.
Professors Cynthia Osborne (assistant professor, public affairs) and Thomas G. Palaima (professor, classics) were the nominees; the election resulted in a tie. On the recommendation of Professor Burger, the Council agreed to include both Professor Osborne and Professor Palaima on the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets.
C. Election to the Executive Committee of a member from the Educational Policy Committee.
Professors Desiderio Kovar (associate professor, mechanical engineering) and Desmond Lawler (professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering) were the nominees; Professor Lawler was elected.
D. Election to the Executive Committee of a member from the Faculty Welfare Committee.


Professors Martha F. Hilley (professor, music) and Karrol A. Kitt (associate professor, human ecology) were the nominees; Professor Hilley was elected.

Chair Burger thanked outgoing 2006-07 Chair Golden for her service to the Faculty Council and to the University. He said she had done an “outstanding job this year as chair, not only in seeing important legislation like curricular reform through, but in being very open and willing to consider many opinions.” After thanking her for helping him become prepared for the coming year, Chair Burger presented her with personal gifts of flowers and wine, as well a ceremonial plaque expressing gratitude for her “magnificent service” from the Faculty Council.

The meeting adjourned at 2:48 p.m.

Distributed through the Faculty Council Web site on August 10, 2007. Copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, WMB 2.102, F9500.