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Faculty Welfare Committee

The committee met three times during the 2006-07 year. Products of this committee were a final recommendation to the Faculty Council regarding Family Friendly Policies (D 5183) as well as follow-up on the new travel grant program authorized by Provost Ekland-Olson. Meeting and event dates, along with the issues discussed, are presented below.

September 2006
Martha Hilley convened the committee at the Faculty Council meeting. Miguel Ferguson agreed to serve as vice chair of the committee.

Subsequent meetings were October 16, November 20, and February 28.

The following issues were raised at meetings:
  • Robin Jarman (Human Resources), guest—Recent events with Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC) and HMO Blue. Approximately 180 policyholders of HMO Blue were notified that ADC would no longer honor their HMO agreement. These policyholders will have to find new primary care physicians and possible secondary medical providers (specialists, etc.).
  • Faculty Travel Grants—Patrick Brockett will look into the availability of “accepted” hotel information on-line. If this is truly a major hang-up with allowing hotel charges in the travel grant, perhaps the applying faculty member could research the acceptable hotel rate in the city of his/her conference and include that information on the application.
  • Modified Instructional Duties Policy—It was interesting to note that one of our committee members was unaware of this policy. Questions to be answered are:
    a. How is this information being sent to chairs/deans/faculty?
    b. Is it possible to track number of applications?
    c. Number accepted/rejected? Reasons for rejection?
  • NTTF Implementation Report. Questions discussed included:
    a. Status of third year reviews? Sixth year reviews?
    b. Status of “automatic” proposal of promotion to senior lecturer?
    c. Who quantifies years of service?
  • Gretchen Ritter (Women's and Gender Studies), guest—Requested that the Faculty Welfare Committee bring legislation in the form of a proposal to the Faculty Council. This legislation (D 5183) was brought to the Faculty Council on December 11, 2006.
  • Data found on hotel rates resulted in Martha Hilley proposing that an $80 per diem for hotel expenses be added to the Faculty Travel Grant. This is the standard continental US rate applied to all destinations not specifically listed. Marvin Hackert, associate dean of graduate studies, will look into the matter.
  • The Faculty Welfare Committee was charged with working with the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets to investigate the issue of salary compression at UT Austin. This investigation should include related issues impacting salary compression, including gender equity. Martha Hilley, chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee, met with Alexa Stuifbergen, chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets, and had a subsequent meeting with Provost Leslie and President Powers to discuss how this investigation might best be done. It was suggested that Faculty Welfare Committee and Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets work with the provost’s office on this issue. Data are already being collected. Gretchen Ritter is chairing the task force that will be dealing with gender equity.

Martha Hilley, chair