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Committee on Financial Aid to Students

The Financial Aid to Students Committee had its formative meeting in September and has met and communicated by e-mail throughout the year. The group has seven faculty members, two staff members, five student members, and three ex-officio members.

The group enthusiastically embraced drafting a resolution on the inclusion of financial aid priorities (both need- and merit-based awards) in the University’s capital campaign. While we are still debating the details of this, we are unanimously in favor of such a resolution. In addition, the Student Government Association has endorsed a parallel motion.

With the recent national allegations of improper relationships between financial aid offices and the loan industry, this committee can serve as an important venue for discussion between students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The issues brought up in the national investigation of the loan industry are important ones, and this committee should serve as a forum for discussion during the next year.

Patricia Somers, chair
Danielle Alsandor, vice chair