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Committee on Student Affairs

October 2006
The committee met to pick a committee chair and vice chair. Marc Musick was named chair and Megan Seaholm was named vice chair.

November 2, 2006
The committee met to discuss possible topics for the committee to consider. Vice President Juan Gonzalez suggested several possible topics for discussion.
  • The Strategic Work Group: November 2005–February 2006 report: Specifically, he would like the committee to examine the strategic initiatives section and make suggestions on needed changes or additions. Copies of this document were distributed at the meeting; committee members not in attendance will also be sent copies. The entire committee will also be sent a copy of the document that explains the creation process of the Strategic Work Group Report.
  • The relationship of the University to student organizations on campus: There has been ongoing discussion of this issue in other committees, and a report on the topic has been produced.
  • Career centers on campus and how they may be changed to become more effective in delivering services to students: At the moment there is a central career center as well as career centers in colleges, and there is some concern whether this is the best approach for serving our students.
  • Financial aid issues on campus, especially those related to financial aid for students in need: There is some concern that financial aid for students in need has stagnated, and that fundraising campaigns may not be doing enough to serve this population.
Committee chair Marc Musick also suggested that the committee discuss undergraduate research issues on campus. To promote this discussion, Lynda Gonzalez, research coordinator for Bridging Disciplines Program and Eureka!, attended the meeting to present information on undergraduate research initiatives in the provost’s office.

December 14, 2006
The committee met to discuss Strategic Work Group: November 2005 – February 2006 report with Vice President Gonzalez. Several suggestions were offered for improving the contents of the report.

February 21, 2007
The committee met to discuss career services issues on campus. Several directors of career centers were invited to share their thoughts:
  • Michael Powell, Engineering Career Assistance Center
  • Lynne Milburn, Career Exploration Center
  • Velma Arney, Career Services, business school
  • Kate Brooks, Liberal Arts Career Services
The first half of the meeting was spent having the career center directors discuss how their centers function and ways in which they might become more effective. After these introductory remarks, members of the committee asked questions of the directors and then engaged in a general discussion of career service center issues on campus.

April 9, 2007
The committee met to discuss the Sponsored Student Organization Work Group report. Vice President Gonzalez led the discussion and solicited comments or concerns about the report and the issues raised by it.

The latter part of this meeting was spent discussing the function of the committee and its plans for the future. Following this meeting the committee was adjourned for the year.
Marc Musick, chair