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Interim Dean Douglas Dempster of the College of Fine Arts has filed with the secretary of the Faculty Council the following request to delete the music theory major in the College of Fine Arts chapter in the Undergraduate Catalog, 2008-2010. The secretary has classified this proposal as legislation of exclusive application and primary interest to a single college or school.

The proposal has been reviewed by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. The authority to grant final approval on behalf of the General Faculty resides with the Faculty Council. The Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost will determine the final wording for the Undergraduate Catalog after the proposal has been approved by the Faculty Council.

If no objection is filed with the Office of the General Faculty by the date specified below, the legislation will be held to have been approved by the Faculty Council. If objection is filed within the prescribed period, the legislation will be presented to the Faculty Council at its next meeting. The objection, with reasons, must be signed by a member of the Faculty Council.

To be counted, a protest must be received in the Office of the General Faculty by noon on March 23, 2007.

Greninger signature

Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
The Faculty Council

This legislation was posted on the Faculty Council Web site on March 14, 2007. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, WMB 2.102, F9500.


Proposed changes to Degree Programs in the Undergraduate Catalog

Explain change(s) to degree program:
Deletion of the music theory major by removing Introduction to Electronic Media (329E) from required courses and adding Introduction to Recording Techniques (316M).

Indicate pages and chapter in the Undergraduate Catalog where changes will be made.
p. 225, College of Fine Arts

Detailed Rationale for change(s):
The degree has no stand-alone professional value (no job prospects).

If properly implemented, such a degree might have value as preparation for graduate study. As it is, however, the undergraduate music theory program does very little to prepare students for graduate study in music theory.

Theory majors take no specialized courses in music theory; the only required classes are those composition and performance majors take, including counterpoint and orchestration.

Although they are required to write a paper under the guidance of one of the members of the theory faculty in their final semester, theory majors must do so without previous training in music analytical writing and without having taken a course that systematically introduces them to pertinent literature in their field.

The theory faculty is already over-extended (we employ an adjunct professor each semester just to meet our present course demands) and therefore would be unable to implement the changes necessary to create a viable undergraduate program in music theory.

We proposed dropping the BM in music theory in the 2002 National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) review in order to update our curriculum according to current NASM standards.

Scope of the proposed change(s):

Does this proposal impact other colleges/schools? (Please answer yes or no.) No
If yes, then how?

Has the other college(s)/school(s) affected agreed to the proposed changed? (Please answer yes or no.) N/A
Date of approval:
Approved by:

Will this proposal change the number of required hours for degree completion? (Please answer yes or no) No
If yes, please explain.

College/School Approval Dates:
Departmental level approval date: April 24, 2006
College/School level approval date: November 16, 2006
Dean approval date: November 16, 2006


Proposed Wording


[1. Basic education requirements: At least thirty-nine semester hours as described on page 220-221.
2. Music
A. Performance: At least fourteen semester hours, consisting of four semesters of principal instrument course 210, two semesters of principal instrument course 260 and approval of the faculty, and Music 222J or 223J. Proficiency in Piano 202, second semester, and approval of the faculty are required if the principal instrument is not piano.
B. Music literature and music theory: Fifty-five semester hours, consisting of Music 605, 411, 612, 313M, 313N, 214C (two semesters), 221J, 221K, 325L, 325M, 226J, 226K, 329E, 330L, 364, 369P, and three semester hours chosen from Music 334, 337,342, 343J,or 379K.
C. Music ensemble: Eight semester hours of music ensemble courses as explained in "School of Music Special Requirements," page 217.

3. Electives: Four semester hours chosen from courses either within or outside the School of Music.]

[Total requirements for the degree: At least 120 semester hours as outlined above, and ensemble as stated on page 217.]

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