Appendix B
Recreational Sports Committee Report to Faculty Council: 3/24/08
Chairwoman Liz Cullingford

1. I want to start by praising the efficiency, fiscal prudence, far-sightedness, and generosity and political savvy routinely demonstrated by Tom Dison and his wonderful staff.
2. Our six meetings this year have routinely been accompanied by breakfast, lunch, cookies, and free T-shirts. Attendance by faculty, staff and student members has therefore been excellent.
3. The committee has:
  • reviewed and approved the projected budgets for the next two years;
  • supported a very modest $5 rise in participant fees, from $297 to $302;
  • reviewed and reluctantly rejected a request for more squash courts, after a survey showed that the current usage did not warrant the conversion of racquetball courts;
  • encouraged the development of the new online reservation system for courts, massages, and the like, which will be up by the end of May.
  • considered the biggest initiative on the Rec. Sports horizon, the proposed renovation of the 27 year old facilities at Whitaker Fields; indoor Tennis Center
4. I want to highlight a few of the most important things about Rec. Sports:
  • It keeps faculty, staff, and students healthy. Tom is aware of the good effects of wellness on productivity, and he is focused on increasing faculty/staff participation. Student participation is already at an astonishing 90%, perhaps because of the luxurious Aquatic complex.
  • It sponsors numerous special events, such as departmental graduations, the Poker Walk, the Orange Ball, and even the Clinton/Obama debate, for which committee members did not, alas, get tickets.
  • Recreational Sports is partly supported by student fees; in return, it supports students who are working their way through college. Two million of the annual budget is spent on salaries for the approximately 1,000 students who employed at Rec. Sports every year. It is thus at the very heart of the educational mission of the University.