Appendix D
University of Texas Libraries Committee Report to Faculty Council: 3/24/08
Chairman Richard Hazeltine


A. Committee Meeting (Sep. 10, 2007)
The committee reviewed and offered advice on the Libraries three-year goals statement identifying four priority areas in addressing the transformational changes facing research libraries:
1. Create collections that foster campus research and learning
2. Transform the tools of scholarly research
3. Build library spaces responsive to the social dimensions of learning and research
4. Invest in the requisite talent and expertise required of a preeminent research library
The committee asked the Libraries administration to bring presentations on key goals in each priority area to the committee at future meetings.

B. Committee Meeting (Nov. 13, 2007)
Committee heard presentations and discussed several projects addressing the Libraries three year goals:
1. Google Books digitization project, and its relevance for teaching and research
2. Web 2.0 tools developed by the Libraries to assist students using online resources
3. Renovating library spaces to accommodate changing research and learning practices; committee met in the newly refurbished UFCU Student Learning Commons in PCL
The Committee is highly impressed by the University Libraries’ capabilities and rapid progress regarding online scholarship.

C. Committee Meeting (Mar. 20, 2008)
Fred Heath briefed the committee on collaborative initiatives designed to increasingly align library services with the University’s instructional mission.
Committee heard presentations on two projects with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies:
1. Integration of information literacy skills into freshman signature courses and other elements of the core curriculum
2. Remodeling of the Life Science Library lobby to incorporate six seminar rooms for use with freshman signature course
Committee visited the recently renovated Life Science Library reading room and examined the space planned for the new seminar rooms.

Current Issues
  • The committee is working with Libraries’ staff to review and understand the four key objectives enumerated above for addressing the transformational changes faced by research libraries in the 21st century.
  • The committee also plans to visit selected branch libraries to learn about the range of collections and services, and to view evolving approaches to library spaces.
  • The committee thanks the University for supporting the Libraries’ efforts to achieve excellence in the face of rising costs associated with scholarly communications and expresses its hope that such support can be continued in the future.