Appendix B

Approval Process for Courses Bearing Flags: 4/14/08
Undergraduate Studies Dean Paul Woodruff

First stage: Faculty Council defines each flag. Completed in January 2007.

Second stage. The Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (UGSAC) interprets the FC definitions for each flag. Undergraduate Studies communicates those interpreted definitions to deans and department chairs. To be completed by May 1, 2008.

Third stage: faculty in departments.

Departments propose certain courses and classes for flags at the time they are scheduled (class-level flags) or added to the inventory (permanent course-level flags).

For each course or class proposed for a flag, the course-flagging form should be filled in and sent to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. In the case of permanently flagged courses, this form should be shown to each instructor who teaches a class with that course number.

When a course is flagged, the flag will appear in the course inventory (i.e. it is permanent), and every class bearing that course number will be flagged.

When a class is flagged, that class will be flagged in the course schedule for one semester at a time. This option will probably be used for many writing flags.

Fourth stage: faculty committees and associate deans.

Colleges and schools review proposals and pass them on to UGS by the following dates each year:

October 15 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the summer)
November 15 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the fall)
May 15 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the spring)

Fifth stage: UGS dean reviews the courses to be flagged.
  • UGSAC or subcommittees thereof review and approve course-level (permanent) flags for addition to the course inventory (will appear in the Catalog until removed by UGSAC).
  • The Dean of Undergraduate Studies approves class-level flags as part of the scheduling cycle (will appear only in the Course Schedule for the given semester).1

Sixth stage: the Dean of Undergraduate Studies sends the approved course-level and class-level lists to the registrar by the following dates each year:

December 1 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the summer)
January 15 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the fall)
July 1 (courses and classes to be flagged beginning in the spring)

Monitoring and assessment. UGSAC or its subcommittees will monitor flagged courses and classes by checking syllabi as appropriate and will develop methods for assessing such courses to see how well their objectives are being met. The UGS Dean will report assessment results to UGSAC.

Courses that do not meet requirements will be un-flagged by UGSAC vote for the next course schedule. Once a course or class is flagged for a given semester in the course schedule, students will receive credit for the flag even if the flag is removed for subsequent semesters.

Timeline for Fall 2009 Flags

May 1, 2008. Deans receive interpretations from UGSAC, along with forms for course submissions.

Deans set deadlines for departments to submit proposals to them and for college-level approvals to be in place.

November 15, 2008. Deans send the first round of course-level and class-level flag proposals to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies for appropriate action.

January 15, 2009. UGS sends approved flags to registrar for addition to the course inventory and/or course schedule effective fall 2009.

1 For classes bearing flags the registrar has asked for a quick turn-around, which must be administrative. Otherwise, departments will find that their course scheduling is in limbo until the flags are approved.


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