Appendix J

Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel: 4/14/08
Chairman Thomas Milner

The parking and traffic appeals panel is charged with reviewing and making decisions on appeals submitted by individuals who have received a parking citation and believe either the assessed fine is unfair or extenuating circumstances exist that should be considered. Appeals assigned to the committee have first been reviewed by staff at the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) office. Because the appellant did not agree with the PTS decision, an opportunity is offered to the appellant to submit a final appeal to the parking and traffic appeals panel. The total number of appeals the committee fields each year is a small fraction (less than 10%) of the total number of citations issued annually.

Since the fall of 2007 a number of improvements have been implemented for processing appeals by the parking and traffic appeals panel. In collaboration with staff at the Parking and Transportation office, the Web site for reviewing appeals has been updated with efforts to make the reviewing process simpler and more transparent.  In addition, changes to the Web site allow the committee chair to review panel member recommendations and make final decisions more expeditiously.  Finally, a set of guidelines for committee panel members has been prepared so that appeals may be reviewed objectively and in a timely manner. The backlog of parking appeals accumulated over summer 2007 has been cleared and the committee is up to date in processing all parking appeals.


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