Report from The University of Texas Press Advisory Committee for 2007-2008.
Judith Jellison, Chair; Carol MacKay, Vice-Chair

The charge to The University of Texas Press Advisory Committee is to approve publications that bear the imprint of the Press and to advise the President should it become necessary to appoint a new director. The committee consists of eight voting members of the General Faculty appointed by the President and two members appointed by the Faculty Council. The director, Joanna Hitchcock, serves as an ex officio member. Members of the committee for the 2007-2008 year are Judith A. Jellison, chair; Carol H. MacKay, vice-chair and Faculty Council Representative; Charles E. Berg; Mounira M. Charrad; Michael J. Churgin; Linda Ferriera-Buckley, chair-elect; Elizabeth Keating; Blinda McClelland, and John H. Murphy, Faculty Council representative. The committee has met six times so far this academic year, with an additional meeting planned for May and two planned for the summer. Thus far, the committee has approved 36 publications, most from the humanities (20), and others from the social sciences (10) and Texana (6).

Key members of the staff meet with the advisory committee and the director to hear house editors from primary areas (e.g., Latin American studies, film and media studies, Texana) present projects for committee action. Written summaries, descriptions of projects, and outside evaluators' comments are conscientiously reviewed by the committee prior to the meeting when a general discussion and questions are followed by a committee vote. When appropriate, the committee recommends conditions for approval. It is rare for a proposal to be rejected at this point in the process, since the proposal has undergone extensive review by house editors and outside reviewers. Committee members, however, have made recommendations for additional revisions and/or conditions for approval.

The Press, which publishes approximately 110 books a year, has been recognized with significant honors this year. Honors were granted from:

  • Choice magazine,
  • The Association of American Publishers (the trade association for all big publishing houses),
  • The Robert H. Ferrell Book Prize by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations,
  • The Association of American University Presses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show,
  • The National Council for Public History, and
  • The Violet Crown Award for Non-Fiction from the League of Texas Writers.
  • All in all, the Press is an integral part of the Texas system of higher education. It is indeed serving its mission to advance and disseminate knowledge through its publications.