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Faculty Grievance Committee

The 2007-08 Faculty Grievance Committee (FGC) members are: Ari Adut, Ray Chen, Richard Cherwitz, Alan Friedman (chair), Susan Heinzelman, Thomas Milner, Tessie Jo Moon, John Murphy, Alba Ortiz, Yolanda Padilla, Bradley Petersen, Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, Janet Staiger, Mary Steinhardt, Allucquere (Sandy) Stone, Richard Wilcox, and Robert Wilson.

1) The FGC is still working with the administration to complete revisions to Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) 4.03, “Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor Grievance Procedures,” bringing them into line with those for faculty (HOP 3.18) that were approved and put in place earlier this year;
2) One grievance case went to a hearing, a case complicated by, among other things, the fact that several faculty members and administrators involved had left UT; we are awaiting the president’s response to the hearing panels’ recommendations; in fact, some difference in understanding of when the president is obliged to respond to the recommendations has arisen, and we are working with the administration to achieve mutually satisfactory wording;
3) I received complaints from three senior faculty concerning the management of their departments and their own treatment (one of which, at the complainant’s request, went through formal consideration by a three-person FGC subcommittee);
4) I met with a department chair who was upset about a faculty member's pending terminal appointment at the presidential level (in that case, and two others that I know of, appeals by the department chairs and deans resulted in the president’s deciding to promote the candidates, which indicates that the procedure for final arguments put in place a couple of years ago is working well);
5) We’ve had a relatively small number of complaints and grievances compared to those I received last time I chaired this committee (about 10 years ago), largely thanks to the fabulous mediation skills of Stan Roux, our first ombudsperson; many faculty, and no one more than me, owe him an enormous debt of gratitude; unfortunately, Stan has decided that this year is his last;
6) The Ombudsperson Search Committee, which I chair as an entailment of being chair of the FGC, has recommended Mary Steinhardt as Stan’s successor, and the administration has enthusiastically accepted our recommendation; the conditions of her appointment have yet to be worked out, but we assume a satisfactory resolution; as soon as the appointment is confirmed, the committee will meet with Mary to discuss the ongoing relationship between the ombudsperson’s office and the FGC as well as the possibility of filling the assistant ombudsperson position;
7) We elected Susan Heinzelman, of the English department, to serve as vice-chair and chair-elect of the FGC.

Alan W. Friedman, chair