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Recreational Sports Committee

September 5, 2007—Election of Vice-Chair
Introductions were made, and the election for vice chair took place. Professor Cullingford nominated John Richburg. Professor Richburg was unanimously elected. 

Committee Overview
Tom Dison provided an overview of Recreational Sports and the role of the committee. The committee watched a RecSports iMovie. Mr. Dison provided a sampling of divisional highlights from 2005-06 and distributed divisional publications including the vision, mission, and values statement. Mr. Dison also outlined the divisional goals and challenges for the current year.

September 21, 2007—Recreational Sports’ Budget Presentation
Budget concepts and the proposed budget requests to the Student Services Budget Committee for 2008-09 and 2009-2010 were presented to the committee. The committee reviewed and discussed the information provided and unanimously gave support to the proposed budget requests.

October 16, 2007—Squash Court Proposal (Special Meeting)
Several recreational sports members who utilize the squash courts sent Professor Cullingford a proposal. The proposal was brought before the committee. Following the meeting Professor Cullingford, Tom Dison and Professor Michael Granof (the squash players’ representative), met to further discuss the matters addressed in the proposal.

November 12, 2007—Membership and Facility Usage Fees for 2008-09
Membership fees for 2008-09 were reviewed. A 1.7% increase in membership costs was proposed and was unanimously supported by the committee. The facility use fee schedule for 2008-09 was also reviewed, and the Committee unanimously supported an across-the-board increase of 3.4%.

February 15, 2008—Updates
A list of special events hosted by Recreational Sports during the spring semester was distributed. An update on a variety of facility related projects were also provided.

March 20, 2008—Whitaker Fields Presentation
The committee viewed a PowerPoint presentation that gave an overview of the Whitaker Fields Feasibility Study.

April 21, 2008—Chair Election
The committee elected Elizabeth Cullingford as chair of the 2008-09 Recreational Sports Committee.

Committee Activities/Meeting Topics for the 2008-09

  • Introductions and committee overview
  • Election of vice-chair
  • Review of divisional accomplishments from 2007-08 and goals for upcoming year
  • RecSports' budget presentation for 2009-2010 and 2010-11
  • Membership and Facility Usage Fees for 2009-2010
  • Updates and Announcements
  • Special Topics as needed

Liz Cullingford, chair