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Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Committee Members
Appointed Members: Efraim P. Armendariz, Lorraine E. Branham, Michael Ray Charles, Kenneth R. Diller, Ofodike A. Ezekoye (chair), Jeanne H. Freeland Graves, Lawrence W. Speck, Tandy Warnow, Samuel M. Wilson (chair elect)
Faculty Council Appointees: Nancy P. Kwallek, Sharon L. Wood

Staff Member: Manuel A. Garcia
Student Members: George Musselman, Charlie Nettles, Brenda S. Vaughan
Administrative Advisers: Patricia L. Clubb, David R. Dixon, John L. Rishling

The Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) met eight times during the academic year. All members of the committee are gratefully acknowledged for their commitment of time and energy to the activities of the committee during the year.

Committee Activities:
Landmarks (Campus Public Art) Program
The committee was briefed on a number of occasions by Andrée Bober, program director for the Landmarks Program (campus public art program). The committee enthusiastically recommended that the University pursue the Metropolitan Museum of Art loan and recommended extension of the program to other locations such as the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation Building (MCC) and the Pickle Research Campus. The committee felt that the acquisition of this collection would clearly indicate the campus’s commitment to excellence in all areas. It was also felt that moving on this loan would likely initiate other important art acquisition and positively impact the public art program.

Campus Master Plan
Over the past year there was quite a bit of committee discussion that the current Campus Master Plan document restricts overall creativity for architects working with the University on major projects. The committee noted that the Campus Master Plan should be updated to consider other important University priorities such as sustainable architecture and building for accessibility. Given that the current Master Plan document is about 10 years old, the committee felt that it is appropriate for the campus to review and critique the document and its implementation. The committee is sensitive to the fact that the campus must be proactive in communicating with the University Regents on initiatives related to updating of the Master Plan.

The committee discussed the campus’s lack of rigorous evaluation in permitting statues on campus. FBAC recommended a moratorium on permitting statues (human or animal) until further evaluation. The committee is considering guidelines for permitting statues on campus public spaces.

Construction Projects
The committee provided oversight on planning for a number of campus construction projects. These include Dell Computer Science Hall, Student Activity Center, Hogg Auditorium, Student Union Courtyard, Texas Union East Exterior, Barbara Jordan Statue, and other smaller projects.
  • Student Activity Center: The committee reviewed the design and development details of the Student Activity Center. The design team highlighted the strong support by various stakeholders in the planning process. Student input was sought in a variety of ways and the design team incorporated student recommendations into the design. Several workshops were held for student input. Issues raised by the students included the need for performance, “hang-out”, and outdoor spaces. Students also contributed to the general layout and overall site utilization. There is an interesting public art component to the project called a Reflection Space by James Turrell. There was initial concern from some in FBAC about the loss of faculty parking spots in F11. Upon discussion it was learned that a plan for parking exists, and faculty have been notified about the loss of spots. There was discussion on the need for continuity in the landscaping and paving. There has been continued discussion on this topic within FBAC for a number of meetings. The committee was generally very supportive of the Student Activity Center planning process and final designs.
  • Hogg Auditorium, Student Union Courtyard, Texas Union East Exterior, Barbara Jordan Statue: The committee reviewed presentations from three architectural firms working on projects stretching from the Battle Oaks area past Hogg Auditorium to the Student Union’s east courtyard. The architects presented designs for the Hogg auditorium renovations, the Student Union outdoor courtyard area, and the Barbara Jordan statue site plan. Campus Planning & Facilities Management and FBAC brought the firms together so that they could see each other’s designs with the hope that the designs could be more seamlessly woven together. FBAC recommended that Campus Master Plan guidelines on the use of paving to tie the campus together visually should be better adhered to. Issues arose on what extent of coordination is required for adjacent spaces in a campus neighborhood.
  • Dell Computer Science Hall: The committee reviewed design and development details of the Dell Computer Science Hall. The design team identified accessibility features of the building that are consistent with the directions that FBAC has advocated for the campus. In addition to more typical accessibility features, the project is planned to have a comfort room and private bathroom. The project is on goal to meet the LEED Silver rating and is aligned with our campus wide goals towards more sustainable architectural design and building operation. The instructional space allocation for the building meets the Faculty Council 15% (legislated) target. However, some of the rooms applied to this target value may not be consistent with the FC legislated percentages. The committee recommended that we seek clarification on what types of rooms should be applied towards the FC legislated percentage.

Ofodike A. (DK) Ezekoye, chair