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Parking and Traffic Policies Committee

The parking and traffic committee passed an increase in parking fees of about 4.5%. This is typically done every two years to pay for staff salary increases. Also, UT is now charging parking for electricity for streetlights and parking lot lights. We had to recover that cost. There was some flack about making rapid changes in the F lots and giving a lot of tickets to faculty, many of which were probably undeserved. So, we changed the regulations which used to say that the parking and traffic “may notify” permit holders of changes to “shall notify” permit holders and generally tried to impress on them the necessity to be more user friendly especially to the faculty. The F11 lot is going to go away because as is UT policy of building buildings on every good parking lot. They are going to build a new building on it, the Student Activity Center. That will cause us loss of about 125 spaces in F11. The dean’s will be asked to prioritize the remaining people as to who will get to keep an F11 permit, and the others will be given permits, and the others will be offered permits in the Brazos Garage, which is south of Jester.

Gordon Novak, chair