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C-4 Educational Policy Committee

Chair Desmond F. Lawler
Vice Chair: Robert C. Koons

Next meeting:

Tuesday, February 5th from 3:30-5:00 in Main 212
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2006-2007 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To study proposals on educational policy and assess their possibilities and alternatives; to present recommendations on such matters to the Faculty Council. The committee shall actively seek advice from students.

COMPOSITION: Nine members of the General Faculty and four students. The four student members shall be selected by the Senate of College Councils and the Graduate Student Assembly. The Senate of College Councils will select three undergraduate students. All undergraduate members must be from different Colleges and include at least one lower-division undergraduate and one upper-division undergraduate. The Graduate Student Assembly will select one graduate student, who is or has served as an Assistant Instructor or Teaching Assistant in an undergraduate course at UT Austin. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council, one of whom shall be elected by the voting members of the Faculty Council, for one-year terms as members of the committee. All other members from the General Faculty shall be appointed by the president and serve two-year staggered terms. The committee shall elect its own chair, who shall be a member of the General Faculty. The provost, the dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the director of the Measurement and Evaluation Center, representing the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment, shall serve as administrative advisers without votes. The chair of the Student Deans' Committee and a representative of the Academic Counselors' Association, elected by the Academic Counselors' Association Officers, shall serve as consultants without votes.

Members, 2007-2008:
  Abraham, Lawrence D. 2007-2009 professor, curriculum and instruction
  Anderson, Urton L. 2007-2009 professor, accounting
  Ellzey, Janet L. 2007-2009 professor, mechanical engineering
  Fowler, Wallace T. 2006-2008 professor, aerospace engineering and engineeering mechanics
  Jensen, Jody 2006-2008 associate professor, kinesiology and health education
  Koons, Robert C. 2006-2008 professor, philosophy
  Maloch, Anna E. (Beth) 2006-2008 associate professor, curriculum and instruction
  Speck, Lawrence W. 2006-2008 professor, architecture
  Springer, David W. 2006-2008 associate dean, social work

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Lawler, Desmond F. 2007-2008 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
  Mullin, Joan A. 2007-2008 professor, rhetoric and writing

Four Students:
  Ferguson, Sarah K. 2007-2008 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Long, Reid 2007-2008 Senate of College Councils representative
  Myers, Stephen 2007-2008 Senate of College Councils representative
  Tolleson, James 2007-2008 Senate of College Councils representative

Administrative Advisers:
  Bruce, Robert G.1 ex officio associate dean, instructional innovation and assessment
  Givens, Terri E. ex officio vice provost
  Woodruff, Paul B. ex officio dean, undergraduate studies
1Replaced Judy C. Ashcroft effective January 2008.

  Fong, Rowena ex officio chair, Student Deans' Committee, associate dean, social work
  Spight, David B. ex officio president, Academic Counselors’ Association, academic advisor III, natural sciences



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