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C-8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

Thomas E. Milner
Vice Chair:
Neal M. Burns

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Those who appeal fines may not communicate directly with any members of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee. All communications must be done through the formal appeals process found at

2006-2007 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To review petitions and appeals arising in connection with parking priorities and enforcement of regulations.

COMPOSITION: At least eighteen members of the General Faculty, ten members of the University staff, and ten students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the appropriate student committee and shall include two nominated by the Graduate Student Assembly and eight nominated by Student Government. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the panel. The panel shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty.

Members, 2007-2008:
  Adejumo, Christopher O. 2007-2008 associate professor, art and art history
  Browning, Larry D. 2007-2009 professor, communication studies
  Burns, Neal M. 2007-2009 professor, advertising
  Carpenter, Linda J. 2007-2008 associate professor, nursing
  Coyle, Edward F. 2006-2008 professor, education
  Habeck, Michelle 2006-2008 assistant professor, theatre and dance
  Kearney, Mary Celeste 2007-2009 assistant professor, radio-television-film
  Liljestrand, Howard M. 2006-2008 professor, civil engineering
  Maidment, David R. 2007-2009 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental
  March, Hunter C. 2007-2009 professor, music
  Milner, Thomas E. 2006-2008 associate professor, biomedical engineering
  Ocampo, Cesar A. 2007-2008 assistant professor, aerospace engineering & engineering
  Parrino, Robert 2006-2008 professor, finance
  Rochlen, Aaron B. 2007-2009 associate professor, educational psychology
  Slesnick, Daniel T. 2006-2008 professor, economics
  Somers, Patricia A. 2007-2009 associate professor, educational administration
  Valdez, Fred 2007-2009 associate professor, anthropology
  Wayman, Jeffrey C. 2007-2009 assistant professor, educational administration

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Hancock, Ian 2007-2008 professor, linguistics
  Tulis, Jeffrey K. 2007-2008 associate professor, government

Ten Staff:
  Brand, Deborah 2007-2008 administrative associate, pharmacy
  Carls, Andrew R. 2007-2008 administrative associate, law
  Cooper, Christian L. 2007-2008 manager, computer services, biomedical engineering
  Hinderer, Robert S. 2007-2008 police officer, University Police Department
  Madden, Kevin S. 2007-2008 senior computer equipment maintenance technician, human ecology
  Merubia, Sonia M. 2007-2008 professional librarian, University of Texas Libraries
  Noonan, Coral M. 2007-2008 project coordinator, educational administration
  Perrone, Annette 2007-2008 senior administrative associate, transportation reserarch
  Rivas, Jose Art 2007-2008 project manager, biomedical engineering
  Stockwell, Virginia C. 2007-2008 administrative associate, educational psychology

Ten Students:
  Bunch, Nathan 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Claeson, Kerin 2007-2008 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Deas, Dustin 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  DeWitt, Anne 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Fathi Najafabadi, Narimah 2007-2008 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Ginn, Christopher 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Massey, Colin J. 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Ramage, Christina 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Sandoz, Trey 2007-2008 Student Government representative
  Wang, Jacob 2007-2008 Student Government representative



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