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2008-2009 Faculty Council Membership

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Elected Faculty Members with Vote (69)

Elected by the General Faculty
Group I: professors and associate professors (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2009)

  Lawrence D. Abraham, professor, curriculum and instruction
Mark I. Alpert, professor, marketing
Elizabeth Cullingford, professor, English
Alan W. Friedman, professor, English
Darlene Grant, professor, social work
Carol H. Mackay, professor, English
Alba A. Ortiz, professor, special education
Kenneth M. Ralls, professor, mechanical engineering
Mary A. Steinhardt, professor, kinesiology and health education
Clark R. Wilson, professor, geological sciences

Group II: assistant professors and Other Non-tenured Faculty (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2009)
  Daniel J. Birkholz, assistant professor, English
Hans C. Boas,1 associate professor, Germanic studies
Molly E. Cummings, assistant professor, integrative biology
Kevin M. Foster, assistant professor, curriculum and instruction
Neville Hoad,2 associate professor, English
Swathi Kiran,1, 3, 6 associate professor, communication sciences and disorders
Domino R. Perez,1 associate professor, English
Michele A. Rountree,4 assistant professor, social work
Shannon Speed, assistant professor, anthropology
Nikita Storojev,1 associate professor, music

Secretary of the Faculty Council
(To serve until January 1, 2009)
  Sue Alexander Greninger, associate professor, human ecology

Ex Officio Faculty Members with Vote (2)
(To serve until September 1, 2009)
Chair of the Faculty Council:
  David Hillis, professor, integrative biology

  Douglas Burger,5 professor, computer sciences
past chair 2007-2008
Elected by the Graduate Assembly (1)
(To serve until September 1, 2009)
Chair of the Graduate Assembly:
  Susan Heinzelman, associate professor, English

Elected by the Individual Colleges and Schools (47)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester, 2010)
  Representative of the School of Architecture (1)

  Representatives of the Red McCombs School of Business (3)
  Urton L. Anderson, professor, accounting
Dean A. Bredeson, senior lecturer, IROM
Michael H. Granof, professor, accounting

  Representatives of the College of Communication (2)
  Neal M. Burns, professor, advertising
LeeAnn Kahlor, assistant professor, advertising

  Representatives of the College of Education (3)
  Randy Bomer, associate professor, curriculum and instruction
Jonathan B. Dingwell,7 assistant professor, kinesiology and health education
Elaine K. Horwitz, professor, curriculum and instruction

  Representatives of the Cockrell School of Engineering (5)
  Richard H. Crawford, professor, mechanical engineering
Brian L. Evans, professor, electrical and computer engineering
Robert B. Gilbert, professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Erhan Kutanoglu,1 associate professor, mechanical engineering
Dean P. Neikirk, professor, electrical and computer engineering

Representatives of the College of Fine Arts (4)
  Lorenzo F. Candelaria,1 associate professor, music
Lee R. Chesney, associate professor, art and art history
Hunter C. March, professor, music
Darlene C. Wiley, professor, music

  Representatives of the Jackson School of Geosciences (1)
  Christopher J. Bell, professor, geological sciences

  Representatives of the School of Law (2)
  John S. Dzienkowski, professor
Patricia I. Hansen, professor

Representatives of the College of Liberal Arts (13)
  David P. Birdsong, professor, French and Italian
Daniel S. Bonevac
, professor, philosophy
Pascale R. Bos, associate professor, Germanic studies
Cynthia J. Buckley, associate professor, sociology
Steven J. Friesen, professor, religious studies
Charles R. Hale, professor, anthropology
Mark G. Longaker, assistant professor, rhetoric and writing
Raul L. Madrid, associate professor, Government
Gretchen Murphy, associate professor, English
Mary C. Neuburger, associate professor, history
Thomas G. Palaima, professor, classics
Gretchen Ritter, professor, government
Janet Staiger, professor, Center for Women and Gender Studies

Representative of the School of Information (1)
  Luis Francisco-Revilla, assistant professor

Representatives of the College of Natural Sciences (8)
  William Beckner, professor, mathematics
Daniel S. Freed, professor, mathematics
David M. Hillis, professor, integrative biology
Karrol A. Kitt, associate professor, human ecology
Lauren A. Meyers, associate professor, integrative biology
Gordon S. Novak, professor, computer sciences
Edward W. (Ted) Odell, professor, mathematics

  Representative of the School of Nursing (1)
  Alexandra A. Garcia, assistant professor

  Representative of the College of Pharmacy (1)
  Andrea C. Gore, professor

  Representative of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (1)
  Edwin Dorn, professor

  Representative of the School of Social Work (1)
  Namkee Choi, professor

1Promoted to associate professor effective, September 1, 2008.
2Promoted to associate professor effective, September 1, 2007.
3Replaced Tawny L. Bettinger who resigned from the Faculty Council effective the first class day of fall 2008.
4 Replaced Robert P. Lieli who resigned from the Faculty Council effective the first class day of fall 2008.
5Promoted to professor effective, September 1, 2008.
6On March 12, 2009, we were informed that Professor Kiran left UT, seat is vacant until the 2009-2010 academic year.
7Replaced Lisa J. Cary, associate professor, curriculum and instruction, who resigned from the Council March 11, 2009.
8On March 12, 2009, John E. Luecke,professor, mathematics, resigned from the Council due to a teaching conflict.
Student Members with Vote (7)
(To serve until first meeting of Faculty Council in fall semester, 2009)
  Selected by Student Government (3)
  Emily A. Jung, senior, marketing, Spanish
Keshav Rajagopalan, senior, communication studies, Plan II
Frankie Shulkin, senior, English

  Selected by Senate of College Councils (2)
  Scott J. Fulford, senior, history
Priyanka C. Pathak, senior, management information systems

  Selected by Graduate Student Assembly (2)
  Bradley W. Carpenter, graduate research assistant, educational administration
Paul Tchir, graduate student, Middle Eastern studies

Administrative Members Ex Officio without Vote (35)  
William Powers Jr.

  Executive Vice President and Provost
Steven W. Leslie

  Senior Vice President
James L. Hill

  Senior Vice President
Shirley Bird Perry

Vice Presidents (9)
  Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:
Kevin Hegarty

  Vice President for Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs
Patricia C. Ohlendorf, J.D.

  Vice President for Resource Development
Richard B. Eason

  Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement
Gregory J. Vincent

  Vice President for Research
Juan M. Sanchez
, professor, mechanical engineering

  Vice President for Student Affairs
Juan C. González
, professor, educational psychology

  Vice President for Employee and Campus Services
Patricia L. Clubb

  Vice President for Information Technology
Brian E. Roberts

  Vice President for Public Affairs
Donald A. Hale

Deans of Colleges and Schools (18)
  School of Architecture:
Frederick Steiner
architecture and planning

College of Liberal Arts
Randy Diehl

  Red McCombs School of Business
Thomas W. Gilligan
finance and business economics

School of Information
Andrew P. Dillon, Dean
human computer interaction

  College of Communication
Roderick P. Hart

communication studies

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Bobby R. Inman6
political science

  Division of Continuing and Innovative Education
Judy Copeland Ashcroft

School of Nursing
Dolores Sands

  College of Education
Manuel J. Justiz
educational administration

College of Pharmacy
M. Lynn Crismon
pharmacy practice
  Cockrell School of Engineering
Gregory L. Fenves

civil and environmental engineering

College of Natural Sciences
Mary Ann Rankin
integrative biology

  College of Fine Arts
Douglas Dempster
theatre and dance

School of Social Work
Barbara W. White

social work
  John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences
Charles G. "Chip" Groat
interim dean and professor

Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Victoria Rodriguez

  School of Law
Lawrence Sager
School of Undergraduate Studies
Paul B. Woodruff


6Admiral Bobby R. Inman replaced James B. Steinberg who has been named U.S. deputy secretary of state by President Barack Obama in December 2008.

Other Administrative Members (4)
  Vice Provost and Director of General Libraries
Fred M. Heath

  Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Soncia R. Reagins-Lilly

Vincent S. (Shelby) Stanfield

  Vice Provost and Director of Admissions
N. Bruce Walker

Staff Representatives without Vote
Selected by Staff Council
  (To serve through April 2009)
Denise D. Berry, administrative associate, mathematics

  (To serve through April 2010)
Jennifer L. McAndrew, public affairs specialist II, liberal arts



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