February 16, 2009


Chair Hillis reported that Main 212 will likely be renovated over the summer, but the expectation is that the work will be completed by the fall term and therefore not interfere with Faculty Council meetings. He said he had not expected when he became chair that he would be asked to sit in on meetings with President Powers where interior design decisions, such as drapery colors, were considered. However, he said he was happy to report that the functionality of the room for Faculty Council meetings had been taken into consideration.

Chair Hillis reported that the subcommittee of the Faculty Council organized in December 2008 was meeting monthly with the consulting firm hired by the Board of Regents to make recommendations about the future of the Brackenridge Tract. He said there had been a useful exchange of ideas and information, and the subcommittee members had provided the consultants with a considerable amount of information about which they were not previously aware. Chair Hillis said as the planning progresses, he would update the Council about any important developments, He said the Council’s subcommittee was comprised of Professors Chris Bell (geology), Sam Wilson (anthropology), Tom Palaima (classics), Molly Cummings (biology), and himself if anyone were interested in contacting its members for further information.

Chair Hillis said he knew that the January Faculty Council meeting had a full agenda, which made discussion of important issues difficult. He invited Council members to submit their ideas and suggestions to him or to any member of the Faculty Council Executive Committee regarding the information and recommendations that had been included in the following reports: Task Force on Gender Equity, Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics, and Intercollegiate Athletics Councils for Men and for Women.

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