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Faculty Grievance Committee

The 2008-09 Faculty Grievance Committee (FGC) members are: Pascale Bos, Sharon Brown, Ray Chen, Richard Crawford, Alan Friedman, Julius Getman, Linda Golden (vice chair), Kurt O. Heinzelman, Susan Heinzelman (chair), Richard Meier, Tessie Jo Moon, John H. Murphy, Alba A. Ortiz, Yolanda C. Padilla, Janet Staiger, Allucquere (Sandy) Stone, Rose Taylor, Richard E. Wilcox, and Robert H. Wilson.

  1. Three grievance cases came before the chair this year—two are still pending and may yet be filed as formal grievances by August 31, 2009.

One case, the result of an unsatisfactory PTR first recorded in 2004, went to a Hearing Panel. The panel declined to send it forward to a full hearing but recommended speedier resolutions to such cases.

  1. We’ve had a relatively small number of complaints and formal grievances compared to those received last time I chaired this committee (five years ago), largely thanks to the mediation skills of Mary Steinhardt, faculty ombudsperson.

  2. We elected Linda Golden as vice-chair and chair-elect of the FGC.

Susan Heinzelman, chair