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Faculty Welfare Committee

The Faculty Welfare Committee met six times during the academic year: September 8, 2008, October 24, 2008, December 15, 2008, January 14, 2009, February 24, 2009, and April 16, 2009. The Gender Equity Task Force report was the focus of the year. In the September and October meetings the members discussed a possible faculty survey to determine UT faculty awareness of benefits offered at UT for their behalf. It was decided to wait until the Gender Equity Task Force report was publically released to avoid duplication of work already done. Once the report was released, most of the committee’s efforts were based on that report.

The following summarizes the Faculty Welfare Committee’s efforts for the 2008-09 year.
  • Faye Godwin (manager of retirement programs for The University of Texas System, Office of Employee Benefits) reviewed the retirement benefits for UT faculty. She responded to committee members’ questions about the plan.
  • Dr. Gretchen Ritter (government, co-chair of the Gender Equity Task Force) presented a summary of the report released in November 2008. The primary focus dealt with section five, Climate and Work-Family Issues of the report.
  • Sandy Briley (director of the University Child Development Center (UTCDC)) explained the center’s history, expansion, enrollment policy, and tuition policy. The center has initiated a new work-life program to assist UT Austin employees with childcare needs.
  • Dr. Judith Langlois (vice provost) reported on the current and future initiatives to implement the recommendations in the Gender Equity Task Force Report.
  • Dr. Karrol Kitt (human development and family sciences) gave a report on the Domestic Partners Benefits Workshop at the Texas Equity Conference she attended.
  • Dr. Steven Friesen (religious studies) reported on the UT Gender Equity Forum held by the UT Administration.
  • Dr. Dorothy Lambdin (kinesiology and health education) was the liaison with the provost’s office and kept the committee informed about the redesign of the UT Homepage to create a link to display faculty welfare issues in a visible, easy-to-find manner.
  • Dr. Elmira Popova (mechanical engineering) was elected as the 2009-2010 chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee.
  • Drs. Friesen and Kitt reported progress on the ad hoc Committee on Salary Compression. It will be presented to the provost’s office in May 2009.
  • Dr. Popova reviewed the fall 2008 Promotion and Tenure Guidelines and will propose modifications be made in the “Leave of Absence Statement” to reflect a yes or no answer, but require no explanation for a “yes” answer.
Karrol Kitt, chair