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Information Technology Committee

The committee met eight times throughout the academic year. The committee had several active discussions on topics including the Digital Measures system, the possibility of establishing a University-wide laptop policy, providing input to the Strategic IT Advisory Committee (SITAC), and possible alternatives to Blackboard.

The committee intensively discussed the development and deployment of Digital Measures system. Digital Measures is intended to be used by all University schools and departments for collecting and managing the Faculty Annual Reports. Associate Vice President Renee Wallace attended several committee meetings in order to inform the committee about the system and to obtain feedback from end-users. The system provides several advantages for collecting, quantifying, and analyzing data about the Faculty Annual Reports. The primary concern from the faculty point of view is the time and effort required for data input might prove considerably higher than the current paper based system.

Throughout the year, the committee discussed the issue of establishing a University-wide laptop policy. The committee reviewed studies in other institutions, considered several alternatives, and discussed their implications and effects. Rather than establishing a University-wide laptop policy, the committee created the following recommendations:
  • All incoming students have a laptop.
  • If a program makes laptops a requirement, students might be eligible for financial assistance/aid.
  • That students and program directors be made aware of this.
  • That the University provides clarity of aid options and clarity of process for which students might apply for technology based financial assistance/aid.
  • That the University develops a plan to address the need for access to power in classrooms and lecture halls, particularly in older buildings where access to power is most limited.
The committee discussed software alternatives to Blackboard including Studeous. The committee agreed that Blackboard remains a better alternative than the other currently available options.
Luis Francisco-Revilla, chair