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January 25, 2010


Chair Staiger thanked President Powers, Provost Leslie, and others involved in preparing the data used to answer the questions that had been asked. She reported that the Faculty Council Executive Committee realized that many Council members would not be able to attend the December 14 special meeting; however, the consensus was that waiting until the January meeting to address the issue of the salary raise was inappropriate. Although the meeting did not have a quorum and the vote on the resolution was unofficial, she said the committee felt calling attention to the issue had been achieved and there was no need to pursue the matter further.

She reported there had been a productive retreat attended by leaders of the UT Staff Council, Student Government, Senate of College Councils, Graduate Student Assembly, and Faculty Council, where agendas and information had been shared. She said the group felt the meeting was successful and intends to have future meetings. She said the due date for submission of college governance procedures, which is largely being done so the Faculty Council will know the process followed in the approval of curriculum changes, is March 1. Chair Staiger said she planned to give a report on these governance procedures at the March 22 Faculty Council meeting and hoped they would eventually be posted on the Council web site so faculty can see how the approval processes actually work in each college/school.

Because Chair Elect Dean Neikirk could not attend the meeting, Chair Staiger reminded everyone that Texas A&M is hosting the annual joint meeting between their Senate and our Faculty Council on March 1. Transportation to the meeting in College Station will be available by chartered bus.

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